Monday, September 12, 2005

Trent's First Day

Trent was so excited for school this morning. He couldn't even eat. He had his backpack on, his folded blanket under his arm and he was at the front door an hour before we had to leave.

I told him he could bring a small toy with him if he wanted if it made him more comfortable while away from home. He picked out five.

a little red party bear, a Kid's Meal toy from McDonalds,
the lid to his toy sugar/creamer set,
a plastic toy screw,
a Fisher Price Little People,
and a red heart that fits in a shape sorter toy we got rid of months ago.

I told him he could only bring one and we chose the red party bear. I wrote his name on the tag, and he turned around so I could put it in the pocket of the backpack he was wearing.

He also got Baby Kat a blanket and her kitty purse. Both kids, ready (on their own), at the front door before I was even dressed. This never happens.

When we finally did go, he let me take his picture. He wanted to pose with his arm extended like he was in some comic book action mode. There should have been a little bubble over his head that read "POW!!" or "BAM!!".

Inside the school, I signed him in and off we headed, down the hall to his class. When we arrived, the teacher said, "Hi Trent!" This time, instead of dropping to his knees, he said, "HI!!" back and walked towards her and the other kids.

Whew! A small sense of relief for me.

We found his cubby, hung up his backpack and his teacher showed us where his cot was and where he could put his blanket.

Trent was introduced to another kid named "Andrew" and they soon became buddies. Andrew took Trent to the sink and pointed out all the controls, soap and paper towel dispenser. After each of them washing their hands, they sat to eat breakfast together. I guess Trent had decided he was hungry after all.

It seemed at this point I was no longer needed. He was perfectly fine sitting there with Andrew eating his breakfast. I said, "Well, I'm going to go now." Nothing. I repeated it. He gave me a quick glance and turned back around to continue eating with Andrew.

No tears.
No "I don't want to stay!"

None of that. For years I have worried about what his first day of school would be like. I can see now that I was just wasting my time by worrying.

I spent the morning at my mother's. I wasn't ready to come home to an "empty" house. Of course, I know I have Katrina, but my Little Man is school...growing up.

I'm home now and Katrina is sleeping. The house is so quiet. I almost don't know what to do with myself. I guess I'll go empty the dishwasher. Then I'll pick up Trent.


Anonymous said...

Heather, what sweet stories you tell about your children.

Sherry said...

Enjoy your time! Trent sounds like he is doing just fine! I know it is hard though, believe me - I know!

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