Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Right now!

  • It's 8:29 am
  • Trent is upstairs changing his clothes. He's still wearing the same socks as yesterday. When he asked me to help him put on his Converse high tops (cute shoes, pain in the butt to put on)I noticed his dirty socks.
  • I already have Katrina dressed, although I'm not quite sure where she is right at this second. Hopefully, she's not in the shower pumping conditioner on herself (her favorite thing).
  • The cat is on the counter cleaning her butt. **sigh**
  • Gigi is behind me on the floor, waiting to be petted.
  • Oh, and there is Zoe, standing at the door, wanting to be let out. I know as soon as I let her out, she'll want right back in. If she can't grab my attention, she wacks her head or tail on the metal vertical blinds. It makes an awful noise.
  • The dishwasher is running, but my counter doesn't look any cleaner.
  • I'm making a grocery shopping list and menu planner for the next week.
  • I just noticed we're out of toilet paper!
  • My shirt is dirty, even though I've only worn it for about an hour.
  • I have yet to put my shoes on.
  • In 30 minutes, we're leaving to pleasurable at the Community Center. I better go change my shirt and stop goofing around.


kelly edgerton said...

Laughing right out loud about the cat on the counter licking her butt. Good visual of what your morning "looks" like. Great list!

Dar said...

Ditto what Kelly said on the butt licking cat visual. Have a great day! =)

SageHen said...

You've been peeking in my window. Love the cat comment. Aren't they charming!

Jocelyn said...

LOL, Heather. Sounds like you were having a busy day and it was so early too!

Anonymous said...

Aint life grand?
Your posts make me laugh and appreciate the humor in life!!!
Love ya!

sherry said...

Too funny about the cat! LOL

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