Friday, February 29, 2008


Glamorous fashion and prestige found it's way to the Binnie household last week.

Here is Katrina with Bing(the stuffed otter) sporting a 100% polyester and flame retardant pajama set with gorgeous pink feather trim.

These pajamas are not just for night wear. She and Bing turned heads and gathered numerous compliments that same afternoon when she gracefully walked onto the elementary school campus to escort her brother home from a day at school.

When interviewing Bing later on about all the excitement all she could say was, "tickles".

However, the excitement was short lived when the pajamas went through their first wash. Even though I followed the washing instructions, the feathers shrunk around the waist, became "pokey" and unfortunately the garments could no longer be worn.

They were returned to Kohl's yesterday and exchanged for something not quite so glamorous. A Tinkerbell nightgown with magic wand and matching slippers were chosen to take the place of the feathery ensemble that fell apart during the wash.

We have learned our lesson that maybe pink feathers on nightwear is not such a good idea.

Honestly, if she would just take her nap, I wouldn't have all these funny pictures of her.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Pat at Peek has the entire store at 25% off. All the new stuff, all stamps, all cardstock, all clearance is an extra 25% off.

Go check it out! Oh, you have to spend at least $50.00 to get the 25% off. Not a big deal though, right?

Stacy Julian chat

Stacy Julian is going to be at Peek tonight for a chat. Come join us and ask her all those questions you've been dying to know the answers to. ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's not always sunshine and rainbows

Here are some layouts. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. :D

Oh, and anonymous asked me about the crowns for Giggle Crew. Those are Maya Road chipboard that I painted, added Prima tape and some jewels to.

This face says, "What are YOU looking at? Stop pointing that thing in my face and either get me something to eat or find someone that can. Geez!"

Rather than re-type my explanation for this layout, I'll just copy and paste what I wrote in the Peek gallery:

Why did I take a picture of the disgusting mess on my floor? I'm not sure. I know you're asking that question to yourself.

I think because I was at the point of total frustration.

I had already screamed.I had already cried.

I had already laughed.

There was nothing left to do but take a picture and record what BAD dogs I have.

When we leave the house, we have to move the garbage into the bathroom so the dogs don't get into it. Well, I moved it but I forgot to shut the door.

You may think, "Why doesn't she leave the dogs outside?" I have a good explanation for that. Really, I do. I just don't have time to go into it now.

Brand spanking new Daisy D's Wonder Years collection. I LOVE it!! Now, go buy it at Peek!
P.S. Check out this clearance section, too.

Friday, February 15, 2008


The situation with "The Tooth" has changed our normal every day life for the last week or so.

The tooth has been loose and hanging crooked for what seems like a couple months now.

Last week, it started to bleed. It was really, really awful looking. It started to change his speech and he didn't want to talk much. There was no way he was going to pull it out or even wiggle it.

So, for days on end we listened to him slurp because he couldn't swallow properly.
We strained to understand what he was saying because he refused to say any words that made his tongue put pressure on that tooth.
We had tears nearly every day over the tooth and how it hurt.
He wouldn't eat anything other than soft mushy stuff and even then he would only eat on the right side of his mouth.
I started having dreams about his tooth.
I bribed him. He could have the Raiders of the Lost Ark Lego set if all he did was pull it out.

I mean it. This tooth situation has really been hard on all of us.

Yesterday when I picked him up from school, it was bleeding again and was hanging even lower. He couldn't talk. He couldn't eat. His teacher said she thought he knocked it loose again with a Skittles or something from his Valentine's Candy stash.

It bled all afternoon.
It bled all evening.
There was no convincing or pleading or bribing that would get him to take that thing out of his mouth.
We went to bed thinking that tooth would be swallowed and gone by morning.

I had more dreams about teeth.

That tooth was still there when we woke up. I think Trent said, "Good Morning" but it was hard to tell. It sounded more like a grunt because he wouldn't move his mouth. It was now hanging on his lip and it moved every time he tried to say something.

It was still bleeding.

I gave him so breakfast. English Muffin..heehee

Soon, we heard him scream.

Erik and I looked at each other. Could it possibly be? Is it finally gone?

No. It was twisted and bleeding but it was still in his mouth.

Again, there was nothing I could do to try to convince him to pull it out and he wanted me no where near that thing. He cried and cried and cried and said it hurt.

As a sheer moment of desperation, I called the school nurse. I explained the situation and asked if there was anything she could do for him. He couldn't go to school anyway with his bleeding mouth.

She said, "Bless his heart. I can help. Bring him in."

We finished getting dressed and raced out the door. I could see panic setting in on Trent's face.

We ran into the school and met up with the nurse. She put on a glove and said to Trent, "Open your mouth a little bit and let me take a look at that."

He opened his mouth.

She touched it gently, and pulled it out of his mouth like it was nothing.

I was so happy I nearly cried. I gave the nurse a big hug and thanked her. What a relief to have that tooth out of his mouth.

We just got back from Walmart with a Raiders of the Lost Ark Lego set.

Now, the other one is loose.

That was kind of dramatic, huh?
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some more layouts...

Two very difficult lines for me to work with. Believe me, I do enjoy the challenge. :D The first layout is A2Z and the second is Three Bugs in a Rug.

A layout for my LSS, Pages in Progress. WeR Copper line.

Another for my LSS using the brand spanking new American Crafts line.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments on my work. :D It means SO MUCH to me.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

How 'bout we get some glue...

This is Katrina's new thing. Anytime ANYTHING is broken, she says, "I know! How 'bout we get some glue..." I do have about 18 different "glues" in my scrapbook room and I guess she knows it and thinks they can be used to fix anything and everything.

All the canvas is ripped off of their swing set/fort? No problem. We'll get some glue.

The leash for her Puppy in her Puppy Purse was chewed in half? No problem. We'll get some glue.

This is going to be a new scrapbook page.

Here are some layouts:

Technique Tuesday's Boulder Boutique Font. I just love it!!

More Boulder Boutique, Main Street Small, Whispy Gigs, Fall on Me & Twinkle Twinkle.

Paper is Daisy Buckets.

You knew I'd be scrapping this picture sooner than later, right? ;)

Lots here. Functuation Too; Signed, Sealed & Delivered, Inner Circle & Peaceful Easy Framing.

This one was just for me. :) I'm waiting and waiting for the new Sassafras-Lass sneak peek and so I thought I'd make a layout with some that I had on hand.

Technique Tuesday Big Timber font.

Thanks for looking. :D
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