Friday, February 29, 2008


Glamorous fashion and prestige found it's way to the Binnie household last week.

Here is Katrina with Bing(the stuffed otter) sporting a 100% polyester and flame retardant pajama set with gorgeous pink feather trim.

These pajamas are not just for night wear. She and Bing turned heads and gathered numerous compliments that same afternoon when she gracefully walked onto the elementary school campus to escort her brother home from a day at school.

When interviewing Bing later on about all the excitement all she could say was, "tickles".

However, the excitement was short lived when the pajamas went through their first wash. Even though I followed the washing instructions, the feathers shrunk around the waist, became "pokey" and unfortunately the garments could no longer be worn.

They were returned to Kohl's yesterday and exchanged for something not quite so glamorous. A Tinkerbell nightgown with magic wand and matching slippers were chosen to take the place of the feathery ensemble that fell apart during the wash.

We have learned our lesson that maybe pink feathers on nightwear is not such a good idea.

Honestly, if she would just take her nap, I wouldn't have all these funny pictures of her.


dg said...

The "Asleep" layout is fabulous!! I don't know how kids do it! How do they sleep like that??!

simply susan said...

This is a crack up! She is going to love seeing this when she gets older! Way to Go!

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