Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Instructions for my October pages

Hi everyone!

Here are my instructions for the pages I made for the fabulous My Creative Scrapbook October kit. 

2nd Place:

I first sprayed the background with a gold ink mist.

I wanted the columns to be at different heights to represent "1st", "2nd" and "3rd" place. Because Trent was in 2nd place for the Pinewood Derby, his picture is in the middle.

For the left column, I punched a tag hole in the orange background and tied a ribbon around it.

I used the sticker with the 3 leaves to again represent "1st", "2nd" and "3rd.
I added the rick rack at the bottom.

I put the rounded leaf tag sticker on a piece of cardstock and cut it out so it wouldn't be sticky. I used a generic, yellow brad to adhere the tag to the piece of purple.

Lions, Tigers and Bears:

For some reason, I had the hardest time coming up with a clever title for this. The colors in the photos were perfect for the paper. We were at the Wildlife Museum (which I call "The Museum of Death") and at the end we came across this cute lion cut out that the kids really (well, Kat did) wanted to  stand behind and get their pictures taken.

I couldn't think of how to use "fall" and "lions" together but then a commercial came on TV (because I always have the TV on. I can't function unless I'm multi-tasking.) about the Wizard of Oz. That's when the title idea came to me and then the rest of the page came together.

I had to find that scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy is about to meet the Lion. I found it on Youtube and wrote it down. That became my title and since they found the Lion in the woods, the leaves as accents were perfect. One of those leaves is on a 3-D dot.

I rounded the corners of the mat behind the placemat to match and then I rounded the corners of the white cardstock to match.

I added the cute bunny on a postage stamp sticker to make sure it stayed friendly and cute.


In first grade, my son was a bunny in a play. I think it was a play about trolls and for some reason he was the bunny.

I knew that I wanted to use the picture because of the colors and I really, really wanted to use the cut off strip from the papers. I like to re-use things. :) If you've read my blog before, you know I don't like throwing things away that I could possibly re-use; and that means cut off strips. Seriously.

I used the cute little fox side of the paper to help emphasize the age of my son and the fact that he was a cute bunny. The corner is rounded on the inside to help your eye follow right down to his cute little face. (Yes, I used "cute" 3 times in that paragraph. Well, now 4)

I carefully cut off the strips from the paper and lined them each up with a button.

I added some leaves on 3-D dots and added the title.


I'm not going to do a lot of instructions on this one. You've already seen it twice. It was on the Blog Hop from the 5th and then it was used as part of the sketch challenge on the 16th.

I think you get it. ;)

Thank you so much for reading and tagging along. Have a great night.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dog Recovery 10/22

Sorry, I'm a couple days late on this. I was having computer issues. Some of these dog are NOT on the SNA list that PACC provides on a daily basis. Before they are lost in the system, I'd like to keep track of them and make their names and stories public.

Please note that a LOT of the info is missing. This is because a lot of the dogs do not even have paperwork on their kennels. Wednesday is the day I do Dog Recovery and Wednesday is also the day the vet does her surgeries. I am not able to get all the latest info on the pups. Also, sometimes I just forget to take pictures of the kennel cards.

These are NOT all of the dogs in that area.

Juno, A396453
Spayed female, 4 years old, intake 9/16
TVT. Now kept in vet's office. Her white blood cell count is very low so she is being monitored closer by staff.
Duelly has extra toes.

Duelly, A497339
Neutered Male, 2 years old, intake 10/5
I'm not sure why he's here. URI?

Janus, A497852
Male, 8 years old, intake Oct?
He was pictured last week but he has a new haircut!
lame left leg, ear infection? Fluid sac? Lipoma? Janus looks like Frankenstein now with staples all up his side. He is constantly scratching himself and hopefully has a new cone.

Tommie, A496336
Female, 2 years old, intake Oct?

Mack, A498737
Male, age unknown, intake 10/17
HBC, Story is that he belonged to a homeless person. The dog was hit by a car on purpose and the homeless community begged the police officer to take him to the shelter for treatment, donating all the food they had to help pay for his treatment.

Toby (I think), A498852 (I think)
Female, age unknown, intake 10/4
HBC (I think), lame front leg

Unknown, A499045
Female, age unknown, intake 10/21
Horrible wound on leg. Exposed bone, maggots
Her leg has since been amputated and she is in with the vet.

The reason I show you this is not to gross you out but to let you know the seriousness of some of these injuries. Dog Recovery is not just URI dogs anymore. We must build a better shelter to help these animals recover quicker and safer.

Buddy, number unknown
Male, age unknown, intake unknown
I hear he is on the main floor but not on Petharbor

Twinkie, number unknown
sex unknown, age unknown, intake unknown
I think he/she has a URI

Maya ( think), number unknown
Female (lactating), age unknown, intake unknown
I believe she has URI

If you are interested in rescuing one of these dogs, please contact Michelle Lindorff (michelle.lindorff@pima.gov) or Justin Gallick (justin.gallick@pima.gov)

All dogs are at Pima Animal Care Center, Tucson, AZ

Thank you for looking and sharing.

Monday, October 20, 2014


His name is Ludo.

I walked this sweet boy today.

He was shy and a little skittish.

He knew how to sit but wouldn't take a treat for it. 

He was scared of my hand and would shrink away from it.

He was the perfect walker but there was something else about him.

He was sad.

He was just kind of "there".

He watched the birds and the trees and the other dogs in the park down the hill playing,

his tail never left from between his legs.

He was too afraid to look me in the eye but he was sweet and gentle and mellow.

When I got back to his kennel, I thought I'd look at his intake papers. It read that the owners had him for 2 years. (Ludo is 5)

He was dumped by his owners for "growling". That was it. He growled and his family dumped him. And now he's marked as "NO CHILDREN" because of it.

While I read through the rest of the paperwork, I found this.

and this is when my heart broke. Trash? They fed their dog trash? but he really loves him as it says below that.

Coming to PACC is probably the BEST thing that has ever happened to this poor dog.

Let me repeat that....

Coming to PACC is probably the BEST thing that has ever happened to this poor dog. 

I only hope that he can get out and find a home before his shy, skittish behavior makes him pay for his life. PACC is so very overcrowded now that dogs with "behavior issues" are not making it.

PACC is Pima Animal Control Center in Tucson, AZ

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The dogs in Sick Bay/Dog Recovery

These dogs don't get a lot of attention. Some aren't even known about.

I'm going to start posting their pictures. Nothing is going to be fancy about today's post. It's 11:00, I'm tired, I'm sick with a nasty cold, I'm irritated and in a bad mood. Nothing like honesty, right?

These are certainly not all of the dogs, just the few that I interacted with and took pictures of.

Pima Animal Control Center, Tucson, AZ

Abby Road - A496743
I think she's been adopted today.

 Pepper - A493546
Female, 6 months old. Has been in sick bay for 2 months.
First had giardia, then URI and now back to giardia.
Someone please go get her. She's spent 1/3 of her life in a shit hole.

Lanus - A497852
Male, 8 years old. Lame left hind leg, possible ear infection
Kenneled with Abby Road, Tyson, Sage

Lamby - Number unknown
Female, 18 months. Non-contagious skin condition, people selective
I posted her on Facebook last week. She is still there.

Snowflake - Number unknown
RIP 10/16/14- Horrible wound with maggots. Also possible blockage. He/she was in so much pain and not improving.

Tyson - 496877
Male, 4 years
Front leg amputated, not sure if he has anything else.
Kenneled with Abby Road, Sage and Lanus

Patricia - Number unknown
Age unknown (I think she's very young). Very thin, Pneumonia, but has healthy appetite.
For being so thin, she has a beautiful coat.
Mastiff mix

 Pretty Girl - A496742
Female, no age (I think she's just a puppy) URI
She's scared of the world and has to be carried out of her kennel.
Warms up quickly and LOVES belly rubs.

Sage - A496978
Female, 5 years. Limping on back leg. Not sure if that is her only issue.
Kenneled with Abby Road, Janus, Tyson

My Creative Scrapbook Sketch

I love doing sketches! I don't know why I don't do more of them.

Here is my page first:

and here is the sketch:

I turned it on it's side because I really wanted to use that picture of Shannon, my sweet pup.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

The rest of my October pages...

Hi everyone!

Here are the other three pages I made from the October kit at My Creative Scrapbook.

Go check it out and be sure to click on the gallery to see the entire team's pages.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Right click, Save, Share Vote YES Prop 415

The election will be here before you know it. Yeah, we have some opposition, but the more people that share our photos, the better.

These are my personal photos that I have added text to. These are not from shelters across America. These are photos from Pima Animal Control in Tucson, Arizona from within the last 5 months.

Please right click, save and share. Thank you!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

My Creative Scrapbook Birthday Blog Hop!

Welcome to the My Creative Scrapbook October Kit Reveal and Birthday Bash Blog Hop!

My Creative Scrapbook is celebrating its 9th year in business!

Yea, it’s time to party!  We’re celebrating all month long, and, believe us, you’ll want to party along with us.

We have BIRTHDAY GIFTS, lots of them, to give to YOU!

We’re getting the party started with a blog hop filled with birthday gifts! 
Are you excited?!

Do you want to know what you could win?

*** The Grand Prize winner will receive a complete My Creative Scrapbook October Main Kit featuring Echo Park and Carta Bella! ***

This kit is filled with beautiful Echo Park and Carta Bella goodies (and more!) that are just perfect for your Fall/Autumn projects.

That's not all.

We know you all LOVE Echo Park and Carta Bella as much as we do. So, we are beyond thrilled to have Echo Park and Carta Bella partying along with us!

Yes! They have been super generous to provide not just one, not just two, but THREE beautiful gifts to give to YOU!

*** Three of you will win the gift below! ***

Do Echo Park and Carta Bella know how to party or what?!

>>>>> Here is how you can win <<<<<

Complete our blog hop. It begins on the My Creative Scrapbook blog and takes you on an inspiration-filled journey through several MCS designers' blogs. You won't want to miss any of it!  You’ll find the links to the participating blogs at the end of this post.

Be sure to leave some comment love on each blog... the gift winners will be drawn from the comments!

and now...

Presenting the My Creative Scrapbook October kits:

Are you a My Creative Scrapbook kit club member?
If not, now is a great time to join!

Subscription information can be found here: http://www.mycreativescrapbook.com/kits.htm

Here is what I created with the October Creative kit: 

This is my baby girl, Shannon. She was dumped at the shelter in November and I found her in January. She adopted me and was in my home at the very end of January. I wasn't looking for a 4th dog but now I can't imagine life without her.

This page is also the October sketch for My Creative Scrapbook! I can't show you the exact sketch quite yet but you can kind of get the idea. 
Before you go, remember to leave a comment to be entered into the prize drawings!

We would love it if you would follow us on Facebook, too.

The blog hop ends on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.
Winners will be announced on the My Creative Scrapbook blog on Monday, October 13th.
(By the way... we're partying all month long, and we have even more gifts to give that we haven't shown you yet! So keep checking back this month for more ways to win)
The next stop on the

Here is the complete blog hop lineup:
Echo Park Paper Co.: http://www.echoparkpaperblog.com

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


It's the first of the month and that means it's time for My Creative Scrapbook October Sneak Peeks...

You can click on the link above to go straight to the whole team's sneaks. View below for my sneak peeks.

We were working with Doodlebug this time!

Thanks for looking!

Stay tuned for the full reveal!
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