Tuesday, May 31, 2011

long night

Trent's friend spent the night last night. This morning, Erik found this note on his computer desk.I guess they were a little too loud for Katrina.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Day/First Day

It's that time again. I have a picture of the kids on the first day of school and the last day of school. Can you tell which is which?

and for you smarties from last year that easily recognized which is which from the wrinkles in Trent's collar....I've ironed them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bieber Time

Good morning everyone!

I have a few layouts to share. First up is the project I made for BBTB2. It was my turn again this week and I asked the designers to use the sunglasses from the Forever Young cart.

My first thought was how Kat thought she was so cool with her Justin Bieber watch. LOL!

I just love this new line, Lauderdale, from BasicGrey. You can get it at A Million Little Things.

The sunglasses are a perfect example of why I love my Gypsy. I wanted the sunglasses to be six inches long to match the length of the photo. It's just a guessing game on your Cricut if you don't have a Gypsy. The Cricut will only give you the height of a cut, not the length. So, I pulled up the sunglasses in the Gypsy and changed the length to what I wanted. It automatically figures out the height. It's important to write down the height at this point because you can't use the same height for all the other cuts. In this case, the height was 1.94 inches. Cut the rest of your layers at this height.

Here are some other layouts I've had sitting around....

This is one of those "clean off my desk" layouts. I had lots of scraps sitting around and rather than file them away to use in the future (which I usually forget about), I just threw them together on a layout with some paint and mist.

Here is another layout using BasicGrey's Lauderdale. Love it! Thanks for looking. :D And thanks for your sweet comments. If you're not a follower of my blog, please sign up to be one!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

500 Club

Kat sold 669 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year. Thank you to all of you that bought some!! She sold 527 boxes last year so we were shocked when we sold so much more this year.

Girls that sell at least 500 boxes get to attend a special party. Here are some pictures I want to share. I've messed around with all of them in Picnik. I have so much fun over there. ;)

So, what to do at the Girl Scout 500 Club party:

First, you have to make sure mom irons on all the patches to your vest.

Get a balloon animal (giraffe)

You have to wait for what seems like hours in the hot, hot, sun for the photographer to arrange all the girls so they fit in his lens. I think he finally realized (after several minutes and up and down the ladder several times) that he was going to have to go for that wider lens.

Splash!! Lots of super fun on the water slides!

Finally get your face painted like a hot pink tiger. You wanted this last year but we ran out of time and it's all you've been talking about. "I want to get my pink tiger face". She thinks she's going to have on her face by the time she goes back to school on Monday. Uh, no.

Jump around in the crazy dalmatian themed jumping castle like you're a wild, rabid, hot pink tiger.

It was a hot, long day but it was lots of fun.

Monday, May 02, 2011

an apple a day

Good morning everyone! It was my turn this week to host the challenge at Bitten By the Bug 2. I chose the apple core from the Preserves cart.

All the patterned papers are Cosmo Cricut.

Thanks for looking and thanks for your nice comments.
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