Saturday, January 03, 2015

Looking for a dog or cat you saw a picture of at PACC?

If you are here looking for more information about a dog or cat that I took a picture of, you can click above on the green bar that says, "Dog Walk 2014" or "Kitty Cuddles 2014".

Please note that my information on whether or not they are adopted may not be up to date.  Also note that any comments I make is based only on my personal experience with that specific animal. 

You can also visit Pima Animal Care Center on line for dogs HERE

For cats, visit HERE.

On either page, you can click on "NAME" and have pets listed alphabetically by name. If they're not in the system, chances are they are probably adopted.

But, please, double check by calling Pima Animal Care Center at 520-243-5900.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Slumber party with Brandy!

Brandy is a sweet girl from Pima Animal Care Center. I've written about her before.

It was another Deep Clean Sunday at PACC and they're closed today for Labor Day. I asked if we could bring her home for the day (and over night) to give her a break from shelter life.

She is such a good girl! I was surprised to note that she doesn't jump on the furniture. She'd prefer to just chill out on the floor or a dog bed.

Why are you up there? Oh, your feet smell like Fritos.
She and Shannon got along great. Manny was a bit jealous, but he ended up playing, too, by biting Brandy's ankles as she ran by.

At first, Brandy just watched Shannon and Manny play.

and she was slightly embarrassed for them.

How embarrassing for them.

Soon she kind of got the hang of this "playing stuff".

Hey, is this how I do it? Wanna play?

Shannon and Brandy started dragons.

Oh, you're on now, Brandy!

RAWR! I'm a dragon. You better watch out.

After the game of Dragons, it was "chase each other around the yard" time.

Can't catch me!

I got the snake!

Soon, it was time for a rest

Whew! I'm tired! and hot!
but it got too hot in the sun, so Brandy found herself some wet dirt to cool off in.

ahhh, wet dirt. That's better.

Later it was time to eat

Whatcha makin'?

and then time to rest (with toys)

I'm so tired but I love this toy. I'm going to rest on it.

and then on the bed (where I had to lift her) to cuddle with Kat.

This is better. Much softer and cuddlier.

Brandy has to go back to Pima Animal Care today. It was great to have her here. We will miss you, Brandy!! We love you!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I walked into the vet's office and maneuvered my way around other dogs waiting for the vet. I took Cassie up to the counter and waited for someone to notice me.

When she did, she smiled at me and then looked down and saw that I had Cassie with me.

Her smile disappeared and a look of sadness appeared. She asked, "Nothing for Cassie today?"

"No", I replied. "She's back until next weekend."

Cassie at Petsmart with Kat.

The lady called for help and soon Cassie and her wagging tail were whisked behind the door and back into her kennel. Before Cassie disappeared from sight, I gave her a pat on the head and a kiss on her nose. "Be a good girl", I said.

I turned back to the lady behind the counter, "Here's her paperwork and her "ADOPT ME" vest".

She sighed and said, "OK. She is such a good girl. All of us enjoy her so much here. We all wish she would get a good home soon."

I nodded my head in agreement while I folded the still warm leash up into my hands. "Have a good weekend", I said as I left the office.

This is Cassie's life. She lives in small kennel at the vet's office.

Cassie is another dog that was rescued from Pima Animal Care Center by Tucson Cold Wet Noses. Cassie was adopted and then for whatever reason, the adoptive parents decided they didn't want her anymore.  There was no where to put her so she sits in a kennel during the week.

Sometimes during the week, she gets a walk and sometimes on weekends she gets to visit Petsmart with the other dogs that are in foster care all looking for forever homes. At least the other dogs get to go home with their foster parents and sleep in warm beds. Cassie, on the other hand, doesn't have the luxury of a foster home where someone can pet her and keep her company.

I wanted to meet Cassie and get to know her more before I wrote this post on her.

Kat and I took Cassie to Petsmart a couple weeks ago. No one paid much attention to her. Customers always visit the cute little chihuahuas that wear the tiny colorful dresses and fancy collars. They sit pretty and beg for treats.

Cassie is HUGE. She's at least 75 pounds and doesn't wear colorful dresses or beg for treats. Instead, she sometimes barks and makes an embarrassing spectacle of herself when she sees a little dog. She does not show well at Petsmart.

What was initially obvious about Cassie is that she is very much loved by every person at Tucson Cold Wet Noses. Every single foster parent at Petsmart that day made it a point to come over to visit Cassie. They all gave her pets, treats and encouraging greetings. Someone purchased a bone for her to keep her busy at the event and then gave me extra for the vet to give her while she waits in her kennel for a home.

One of Cassie's very good friends, Jessica, said this about Cassie:

"I guess the sweetest thing about Cassie is when you pet her and look into her eyes, she just looks so happy and thankful to be with someone. I walk her around Catalina United Methodist Church in Tucson and a man came up to meet her, after a few minutes she was leaning up against him like he was her pal! She likes to chase lizards."

Cassie chilling in the grass. Photo by Jessica England.

I can confirm that Cassie does like to chase lizards! However, she doesn't go crazy-knock-you-over-onto-your-face-crazy that some dogs do. A quick "no" and she's back on course. She does walk very well on leash. She does know "sit" and I believe "down". Kat was trying to teach her "shake" while we were at Petsmart.

On that Saturday at Petsmart, I discovered that look she gives you when you pet her. She appreciates the good stuff! She wants a family, she wants to be your friend and loyal companion.

She is a beautiful dog that does not deserve to spend another day in a kennel. She deserves a home, relaxing in the grass and being petted by her favorite people. Hopefully YOU!

Cassie does best in a home at this time with no other dogs. Maybe at some point she will be able to live with another dog but as of right now, no. Cassie seems to be fine with cats.

Please contact Tucson Cold Wet Noses for more information about Cassie. Fill out an Adoption application or maybe a Foster application.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Dinner

We're a little late. Dinner's birthday was actually August 8 but I don't think he'll notice.

OK, everybody sing...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Dinner,
Happy Birthday to you!

Dinner is the big 2 today.

2 is old for a mouse. I think he's been around so long because he exercises every day. He travels about 28.6 miles per day on his little wheel. He eats only natural mouse food and he stays away from sweets.

Let's remember last year. He had his brothers, Breakfast and Lunch with him. 

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner enjoying their 1st birthday cake and ice cream.  

Here is the story about Snowflake, Dinner's mom

Snowflake, Dinner's mom. 

Thank goodness Spots the snake was Pro-Life! She wouldn't eat Snowflake and then 2 days later, Snowflake had 7 babies.

She was a good mommy. No, I don't know which one is Dinner in the picture above.

Happy Birthday Dinner!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My August pages for My Creative Scrapbook

Another beautiful kit this month! Here are my 4 pages that I created this month. Click here for info on the kits.

 Fair Food:

Summer Smiles:

Summer Hello:

This month the kit had fun transparency frames, flowers from Pebbles, papers from Bo Bunny and beautiful ribbons.

Later in the month, look for my tips and techniques for these pages.

Thanks so much for looking!

Thursday, August 07, 2014

First Day Last Day First Day

It was the first day of school today. Kat started 5th and Trent started 8th.

Here are the first day of school photos from a year ago. I never did the First Day/Last Day from last year and make you guess which was which. It would have been way too easy for you to guess since Kat's toe was broken at the end of the year and she had to wear a special boot.

Here are First Day 2013 photos:

and Last Day of 2014:

Look at Trent's shoulders. He looks absolutely defeated and totally irritated. I don't know why he was so mad.

And if you're new to my blog, I always make the kids wear the same thing on the last day of school as they wore on the first day of school. Trent started with the tradition when he was in Kindergarten.

And here ends my obligatory post of the First Day of School photos.

Thank you very much. :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

My Creative Scrapbook Blog Hop

Welcome to the My Creative Scrapbook August Kit Reveal Blog Hop!

My Creative Scrapbook is thrilled to celebrate the reveal of the beautiful August kits with an inspiration-filled blog hop complete with beautiful PRIZES!  The design team has prepared a spectacular assortment of projects for you, so be sure to visit each blog to soak up all of the inspiration.

Several prizes are up for grabs!
*** The Grand Prize Winner will receive a complete Limited Edition kit! ***
But that’s not all… there are more prizes to be won… Prima, Prima, and more Prima!
Don’t forget to leave comments as you hop along to each blog for chances to WIN!

Presenting the My Creative Scrapbook August kits:

There’s something for every style!
Are you a My Creative Scrapbook kit club member?
If not, now is a great time to join!
Subscription information can be found here:

Did you know that My Creative Scrapbook also offers a variety of Add-ons?
Choose from flower kits, mixed media kits, off-the-page project kits, project life style kits, and more… there are even Lindy’s Stamp Gang spray sets available!
The add-ons can be found here:

Here is a page I created with the August Creative kit: 

I don't have to mention how much I loved this kit, do I? I say that every month but it's true! So true!

My favorite part about this kit were the frames. I had the best time working them into my pages. I tried very had to think out of the box and use them for something other than placing them on top of my photos. 

For the layout above, I first used two different colors of spray ink on the background. I didn't spray it, though. I took out the spray mechanism and just flicked the ink onto the page.

I used the frame around some food related die cuts. The photo is a picture of my kids in front of a food vendor at the fair so I wanted my page to be just about that.

 P.S. In the picture, the kids are actually holding stuffed animals that they won but shhhh...don't tell.

I set up the frame to look like a shaker box. The die cuts are glued down and don't shake.

I used another frame on the right behind the photo. I added some die cuts underneath the frame and positioned some on top of the frame.

I hand cut the pinwheel from one of the patterned papers, tied a ribbon around it and stuck it down.
Some items are on 3-D glue dots for added dimension. 

I glued down everything and then just simply kept placing die cuts and stickers around the page until I felt like the page was done.

Before you go, remember to leave a comment on my blog to be entered into the prize drawings!

I would love it if you signed up to follow my blog. You can do this by clicking "join this site" on the link in the left hand column. 
We would love it if you would follow us on Facebook, too.

The blog hop ends on Friday, August 8, 2014 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.
Winners will be announced on the My Creative Scrapbook blog on Monday, August 11th.

The next stop on the blog hop is
Joan Bronson 's blog.

Here is the complete blog hop lineup:
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