Sunday, April 30, 2006

Little Man in a Little Tux

We're home from Erik's sister's wedding. Here are some pictures:

I like Trent's suspenders. There were lots of chairs to play in, too. ;)

The bride's son. Is he like the proudest little dude ever??

These are Trent's cousins. These are some of my favorite's from the evening. I love the picture of Madison sitting on the curb.

Now, if you can get a picture of the flower girl picking her nose, be sure to do it! And if your GFIL in the front row catches you and giggles when he sees what you just did, that's even better.

Baby Kat and Daddy

Trent & his cousin at the rehearsal dinner. Erik helped me customize some settings on my camera for this picture. Without this setting, the picture looked just flat and gross.

The fountain at the entrance of the business park where the rehearsal dinner was held. Erik was so sweet and pulled over so I could play with exposure.

So, at the end of the evening, we went back to the changing rooms. We walked by the area where the wedding had just been. It was kind of eerily dark with the exception of the candles glowing. I thought it would make a good picture.

I have no pictures of the bride. I had such a hard time getting a correct exposure due to her white dress and the dark suits. I didn't know how to work around this. I will learn....I will!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Knock Knock

Who's there?
Lemur who?
Lemur out of this place, it's full of stupid poopy mommies."

Nice, huh? This is Trent's joke he said outloud to himself as I was putting away his freshly washed and folded clothes.

He was in bed, under the covers talking to himself. He knew I was there.

This was said even after he had been sent to time-out for his mouth, then had his Lincoln Logs taken away and when he still wouldn't stop I took away his new Operation game. However, none of these actions got him to stop singing, "Mommy is stupid. Stupid Mommy..." while in the time-out chair, which is why I sent him up to his room.

Yeah, we'll see who's laughing tomorrow.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Little Confusion

So, check out this picture. My grandmother sent this to me yesterday. It's a picture of my mom and dad from when they were dating. I think they were going to the prom, not sure though.

Anyway, Baby Kat is sitting right next to me when I open the picture. She immediately points to my mother and says, "Gramma!"

I said, "Yes! That's right. You're so good. Who's next to Grandma?"

She looks at the picture again and without hesitation, says, "Mommy".

I thought perhaps I had misunderstood. I asked her again, "Who is that right next to Grandma?" This time I pointed and touched the screen to make sure she was really looking at the correct person.

"Mommy", she said again.

THIS is why when you "see" me on the message boards, my avatars are mostly monkeys.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


This is what Katrina says to me when she's mad. She was mad because I wouldn't let nurse anymore. Yes, I'm still nursing her. Her "yiddle bit" turned into more and more and I told her she was done.

She was MAD!! She crawled over to Daddy (we were in bed) and said, "BAAAA EAT IT MOMMY!!" before she covered her head under the covers.

What is she really saying, you ask? Let me translate it for you:


Nice, huh? 2 1/2 years old and already has an incredible attitude. Her brother taught her that darling little phrase.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

As I was saying...

Saturday was upload day for several places. At Peek, the theme was "Signs of Spring".

<----This is one of my favorites, which happens to have the same name of the theme. Check out the others here.

It was also upload day at Down Memory Lane.

And, here's my favorite from there.

In addition, I made some cards for a raffle. Please check this out and buy some raffle tickets. It's for a good cause. Thanks! :) There's some really, really cool stuff.

Manto Fev

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Yeah, it was Easter. I took 12.5 million pictures and I dislike nearly every one of them. Why can't I get the exposure and/or color correct??? It drives me nuts. It will probably take a few days/weeks for the pictures to grow on me before I can decide I like any of them. I did come across this one. I guess Baby Kat was tired of me taking pictures, too.

Ok, so for uploads, I'll start with Sweetwater. Here's my favorite from last month's:

You can see the rest of them here. Mine start with this layout, "Summer Glow" and end with "First".
At Peek, the theme was "Signs of Spring".
My favorite from the group:
Well, forget it. It seems that Blogger is not letting me upload anymore pictures. :P

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Egg Day

Today we attended the annual community center's Easter egg hunt. We've gone every year. I took a few pictures of the kids. Of course, most of them were of Kat because Trent refuses to look at the camera without making some sort of face.

Both kids had carrots in their mouths. I perhaps should have waited until they had finished chewing and swallowing before taking their pics. Ahhh, live and learn, huh?

So here's the conversation with my husband regarding the above picture.

"Do you like it? This is one of my favorites."

"Where's our son's face?"

"It's a picture of Baby Kat."

"Yeah, well, where's his face?"

"I did it that way on purpose."


Ok, thanks. I like it. Whatever back at ya.

They hid the eggs on the sand at the playground. Not so fun for the little kids with sandals on (like mine).

Afterwards we had cake, cookies and punch. It's the only time of the year where I get to eat cake before 11:00 AM, in public anyway.

Today is also upload day at several places. I'll do that tomorrow.

Bye for now.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring Fling

tWell, it's that time of year again. The UofA Spring Fling is going on and the kids love it. A couple pics...

Trent loves the face painting. Last year he wanted a Spider painted on his face, this year he decided to go with the Rocket Ship. I think it's a good look for him.

Baby Kat was into it this year, too. Last year she was a little young, but today she was right up there, picking out exactly what she wanted: a SHARK.

Both the kids love the Applebee's commercial with the shark in it. I think it's Applebee's, not sure now that I think about it. Anyway, wherever we are, both kids shriek, "LOOK MOMMY!! LOOK DADDY!!! SHARK!! SHARK!!" The shark has become Baby Kat's favorite new animal.
Of course, the girl painting the shark on BK's face may have thought it was a little odd for the 2 year old little girl to pick a shark over a butterfly because she added some glitter to her freshly painted masterpiece.
And why oh why is my right margin all the way at the bottom of the page? It irritates me to no end. It's like the itch I can't scratch.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Ummm, excuse me...but at what point did wearing flip flops, a bikini top and your ex-boyfriends boxer shorts become the hottest fashion item? If you're going to wear that, please take it inside...along with your non-stop barking dog and screaming kids.

Thank you.

I feel much better now.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring has Sprung

This is my layout I submitted to the BasicGrey spring contest. Didn't win. Oh well. Move on. Big deal.


Monday, April 03, 2006

A 2 year old's memory

aWe've been noticing lately that Katrina seems to know where things are.

I don't know how many times (per day) we lose the remote control for the tv or the overhead fan, but it's a lot...a whole lot.

On one of these days, Erik asked me, "Do you know where the ceiling fan remote is?"

"Well, I thought it was on the night stand."

Both of us looked on, in, underneath, and behind the nightstand. We searched high and low in the bedroom for the remote. Baby Kat heard what we were looking for and squealed, "I know where 'mote is!" and she went running off into the other room. Erik and I looked at each other. I kept looking in the bedroom, certain it was in here while Erik followed Katrina. Within 10 seconds he came back into the room.

"Heather", was all he could say.

I stopped what I was doing and looked up at him from the floor. I had been looking under the bed. I had to brush away my hair from the front of my face. His mouth was hanging open from shock, while in his right hand he held the remote. Baby Kat was pleased as punch with herself "I found 'mote!" she exclaimed as she danced around. When I looked at her to say, "Good Girl", I noticed my mouth was standing open as well so no words were coming out. I had to close my mouth before I could say anything.

So, that was our first encounter with Baby Kat and her incredible memory.

Since then, she's found the TV remote twice and the dog brush. Before the dog brush, we thought maybe she was hiding the remote from us and then finding it for us when we couldn't find it.

Yesterday I decided to give the dogs a bath. We only had enough shampoo for one, so Gigi was the lucky dog. She HATES the hairdryer and will do anything she can to avoid it. I decided to put her outside, where there was no dirt to roll in, until she dried off. A little later on, I decided I'd give her a brush while she was drying. I went to the backyard to retrieve the brush. That was the last place I had seen it. Of course, it wasn't there.

Seeing how we've had such luck with Katrina and the remotes, I thought I'd give her a little test. You know, just for fun.

"Baby Kat, do you know where the doggie brush is?"

"Yes Mommy."

She takes me out the front door and goes to the garage door. She tells me to lift it up. She quickly enters like she knows exactly where she's going. We get to the back of the garage and she stops a minute. One hand goes on her hip, one hand goes up to her face with one finger sticking out, tapping her tightly pursed lips. She's thinking. The little wheels are moving.

She says, "hmmmmmmmmm", while still looking around.

Suddenly she drops her arms, bends over and in between two boxes and on the floor, she pulls out the dog brush.

"Here you go mommy. I found it."

My mouth was stuck open again and I stumbled a little bit at first when I said, "That's so great Baby Kat!! Thank you so much!"

She kinda jumped up in glee.

How many times has this child been in that garage???? Not many. Not many at all. How on earth does she remember things like this?

I'm going to use her from now on when I lose my keys. It's kind a weird and cool all at the same time.
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