Monday, April 03, 2006

A 2 year old's memory

aWe've been noticing lately that Katrina seems to know where things are.

I don't know how many times (per day) we lose the remote control for the tv or the overhead fan, but it's a lot...a whole lot.

On one of these days, Erik asked me, "Do you know where the ceiling fan remote is?"

"Well, I thought it was on the night stand."

Both of us looked on, in, underneath, and behind the nightstand. We searched high and low in the bedroom for the remote. Baby Kat heard what we were looking for and squealed, "I know where 'mote is!" and she went running off into the other room. Erik and I looked at each other. I kept looking in the bedroom, certain it was in here while Erik followed Katrina. Within 10 seconds he came back into the room.

"Heather", was all he could say.

I stopped what I was doing and looked up at him from the floor. I had been looking under the bed. I had to brush away my hair from the front of my face. His mouth was hanging open from shock, while in his right hand he held the remote. Baby Kat was pleased as punch with herself "I found 'mote!" she exclaimed as she danced around. When I looked at her to say, "Good Girl", I noticed my mouth was standing open as well so no words were coming out. I had to close my mouth before I could say anything.

So, that was our first encounter with Baby Kat and her incredible memory.

Since then, she's found the TV remote twice and the dog brush. Before the dog brush, we thought maybe she was hiding the remote from us and then finding it for us when we couldn't find it.

Yesterday I decided to give the dogs a bath. We only had enough shampoo for one, so Gigi was the lucky dog. She HATES the hairdryer and will do anything she can to avoid it. I decided to put her outside, where there was no dirt to roll in, until she dried off. A little later on, I decided I'd give her a brush while she was drying. I went to the backyard to retrieve the brush. That was the last place I had seen it. Of course, it wasn't there.

Seeing how we've had such luck with Katrina and the remotes, I thought I'd give her a little test. You know, just for fun.

"Baby Kat, do you know where the doggie brush is?"

"Yes Mommy."

She takes me out the front door and goes to the garage door. She tells me to lift it up. She quickly enters like she knows exactly where she's going. We get to the back of the garage and she stops a minute. One hand goes on her hip, one hand goes up to her face with one finger sticking out, tapping her tightly pursed lips. She's thinking. The little wheels are moving.

She says, "hmmmmmmmmm", while still looking around.

Suddenly she drops her arms, bends over and in between two boxes and on the floor, she pulls out the dog brush.

"Here you go mommy. I found it."

My mouth was stuck open again and I stumbled a little bit at first when I said, "That's so great Baby Kat!! Thank you so much!"

She kinda jumped up in glee.

How many times has this child been in that garage???? Not many. Not many at all. How on earth does she remember things like this?

I'm going to use her from now on when I lose my keys. It's kind a weird and cool all at the same time.


Kimberly said... little Olivia does the same thing...she has a few hiding places that I know right where to go when I need to find something. She calls these places her refrigerator's! Hilarious! How fun! :))))

sharonc said...

So cute! I love hearing your descriptions of her expressions. These are the moments I wish I had a hidden video camera to catch.

Wendi said...

I absolutely love your writing. For real. Wish you had a column in my daily paper. I'd be a fan. :)

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