Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Little Confusion

So, check out this picture. My grandmother sent this to me yesterday. It's a picture of my mom and dad from when they were dating. I think they were going to the prom, not sure though.

Anyway, Baby Kat is sitting right next to me when I open the picture. She immediately points to my mother and says, "Gramma!"

I said, "Yes! That's right. You're so good. Who's next to Grandma?"

She looks at the picture again and without hesitation, says, "Mommy".

I thought perhaps I had misunderstood. I asked her again, "Who is that right next to Grandma?" This time I pointed and touched the screen to make sure she was really looking at the correct person.

"Mommy", she said again.

THIS is why when you "see" me on the message boards, my avatars are mostly monkeys.


sherry said...

You silly monkey! LOL! You are beautiful!

Mo said...

Baby Kat is right on the money...You really do look like your Dad...but not a monkey. :) Mo

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