Sunday, April 30, 2006

Little Man in a Little Tux

We're home from Erik's sister's wedding. Here are some pictures:

I like Trent's suspenders. There were lots of chairs to play in, too. ;)

The bride's son. Is he like the proudest little dude ever??

These are Trent's cousins. These are some of my favorite's from the evening. I love the picture of Madison sitting on the curb.

Now, if you can get a picture of the flower girl picking her nose, be sure to do it! And if your GFIL in the front row catches you and giggles when he sees what you just did, that's even better.

Baby Kat and Daddy

Trent & his cousin at the rehearsal dinner. Erik helped me customize some settings on my camera for this picture. Without this setting, the picture looked just flat and gross.

The fountain at the entrance of the business park where the rehearsal dinner was held. Erik was so sweet and pulled over so I could play with exposure.

So, at the end of the evening, we went back to the changing rooms. We walked by the area where the wedding had just been. It was kind of eerily dark with the exception of the candles glowing. I thought it would make a good picture.

I have no pictures of the bride. I had such a hard time getting a correct exposure due to her white dress and the dark suits. I didn't know how to work around this. I will learn....I will!!


Anonymous said...

Hi it is Tricia from your Alphabetica group catching up on all the stuff. You are an outstanding photographer! Lovely pictures, sweet faces. Keep up the great work.
Tricia Both

sharonc said...

Wow! You got some amazing photos! Trent looks so handsome in his tux.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!!!!

Angie said...

Beautiful photos, Heather!! Trent was looking good!!

Genevieve said...

Those great pics are going to make fabulous layouts!

Anonymous said...

oh Heather... you did it again! i'm getting married myslef in September and would LOVE to have you as my photographer! Your children look absolutely adorable and so does Eric.
And your little man doesn't look so little in those pics.. he is slowly but surely growing up - and he'll be a heartbreaker... I love his pose in the second pic.

Laura said...

Wow!!! Those are some really beautiful pictures!! They are glowing! You are good!

Love, Laura (one of the alpha girls)

Susan said...

beautiful pictures Heather!
Love that one of the little girl sitting on the curb!!!

sherry said...

What wonderful pictures, Heather! You do such super photos! Love the one of Trent leaning against the wall in his tux!!

Lindsay Teague said...

pointe south mountain huh? I recognize that fountain!


Angela Green said...

pic #2 of Trent is fantastic! Love his laid back look as if he's saying, "I am too cool to be here..."
And the flower girl picking her nose is PRICELESS and it's a perfect shot for you to have gotten. I so love your sense of humor. heheee

Kimberly said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! THOSE ARE AMAZING AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!!!! Love them ALL! :)))) Just love them all! :)))

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