Friday, June 30, 2006

Uploads for the 30th

Upload at Peek. The theme was Red, White & Blue:

The journaling is about 5 pages long, so to sum it up: Trenton has gone through a couple of Cliffords. The first one was eaten by the stupid dog, Zoe. The second one we found at Goodwill, but it was kinda small. My friend, Kiersten, from Peek, heard about Trent's story and bought him one to replace the one he lost. He loves Clifford and sleeps with him every night.


Ummmm, yeah....the kids were really NOT into having their pictures taken this day.

Here's a question for everyone. We're looking at another house. It's really cool looking, BUT, it's my ex-boyfriend's parent's house. The house has been completely remodeled and doesn't look anything like it did nearly 15 years ago. 15 years ago, I was never given a "tour" of the home. I never knew what the rest of it looked like, which one was his bedroom, etc. etc. Would YOU be able to live in your ex-boyfriend's parent's home? BTW...he was a total weirdo.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scuffle at the Dog Park

Jumpy Dog.

That's what I call this dog. It's real name is P.J. I assume it's for "Pretty Jumpy". I know I'm wrong.

I know the dog is a puppy. I know it doesn't mean to scare Katrina, but the owner never, I mean, NEVER, corrects the dog when it jumps on Katrina (or any other small child). I always have taken the time to explain to Katrina that the dog is a puppy and doesn't want to hurt her, it just wants to play because they're both the same size. However, it doesn't always help and Katrina is always scared of this cute little dog.

As we we're driving into Dog Park this evening, I noticed that Jumpy Dog was there. I was by myself tonight so I explained to the kids that if the dog jumped on them, they were to say, "NO!! NO JUMP!!!" This is what I have to say to the dog nearly every time I see it as it either is jumping on me or my kids.

There are no rules that state that children are not allowed at the Dog Park. They are allowed with "strict supervision". I always supervise my children. Especially Katrina. I always read the rules. I always follow the rules. Always.

The first thing that happened this evening when we entered is that Zoe had to poop (why she doesn't do this at home is another story). Katrina and I went to pick it up and as I went to put it in the garbage can, I turned around and discovered Katrina on the ground with Jumpy Dog on top of her. Jumpy Dog's owner was not around. I believe she was watching from the sidelines as I was the one who had to pull her off of Katrina and tell the dog "NO!" Katrina was traumatized. I felt bad because I had made the mistake of thinking she was right behind me as I walked to the garbage can. When Jumpy Dog's owner finally came to retrieve her, she said nothing to either me or Katrina. I explained, once again, to Katrina that the dog was a puppy and wanted nothing more than to play with her. She didn't want to hurt her at all. She thought Katrina was her friend.

I kept Katrina within an arms length at that point. Jumpy Dog tried again to jump on Katrina when we picked up Gigi's poop (again, *sigh*). I grabbed Jumpy Dog at her harness and said, "NO JUMPING!" Her owner never said a word to me and never got her dog. The dog was distracted by another dog.

The third time Jumpy Dog tried to jump on Katrina, I was still an arms length away. I grabbed it by it's harness and told it "NO!" again. This time, Jumpy Dog's mom got pissed.

"Maaaaaaaaam", she said.

I turned around. I assumed she meant me. She's in her younger 20's and I must seem old to her.

"The rules state that there are no children allowed."

"No", I said. "The rules state they are allowed within strict supervision. "

"Well, your daughter is 10 feet away."

Wrong. She was within arms length, obviously since I was able to prevent her from jumping ONCE AGAIN on my daughter.

I stated to her, "It would probably do both you and your dog good to teach it not to jump on people. No one likes a jumpy dog."

Her reply: "Well, she's only 4 months old. I can't help it."

I said, "I can tell. You don't give a shit." The woman has NEVER said anything to her dog when she jumped on Katrina or other small children. I swear she has a chip on her shoulder.

"EXCUSE ME?!?!" She was so offended.

I repeated myself, "It would probably do both you and your dog good to teach it not to jump on people. No one likes a jumpy dog."

She left within 5 minutes.

I re-read the rules. In addition to "supervising your children", it also stated that the owner was responsible for controlling her dog's behavior.

She admitted to me that her dog was a puppy (4 months old) and that she "can't help it" if her dog jumps all over me and/or my children. Maybe she shouldn't come back until she can actually control her dog.

BTW, does a dog at 4 months old have all it's required shots for Dog Park? I could have sworn Zoe was 6 months old before she even had her rabies shot. I could be wrong.

I'm really looking forward to next time we see her. ;)

This is my social life? This is the first time I've been out since I don't know when.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

P for Political

Here is my entry for Lainie Ehmann's topic, "What's Your Word?" We were to pick a word that describes us and I chose "Political".

As I've been getting older, I've been paying much more attention to the news. There was a time when I didn't really care about what was going on in the world around me. Now, "news" is my favorite tv show. I can't miss it. I've even been known to tape antenna wires to my walls and windows in a weak attempt to get the best reception for my favorite AM talk radio shows.

I have an opinion about everything and I'm not afraid to share it! I've become a political grump. Maybe even a grumpy old man. ;)

Many of you don't know this about me because I try oh so very hard to not write about it on the message boards. Sometimes though, a little bit sneaks out when I'm not watching my fingers type. ;)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I love the catchlights I can get from my mom's back patio. The pool reflects so nicely in eyes. It's been a long time since I taken any pictures.

I can't believe I haven't blogged in nearly a month! It's been sooooo busy here. We've been working on getting the house up for sale and I am happy to say it is ON!!!! All I've been doing is packing, cleaning, painting, scrapping. I've only been scrapping for "work", too. I can't wait until my life slows down a bit.

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