Friday, October 24, 2014

Dog Recovery 10/22

Sorry, I'm a couple days late on this. I was having computer issues. Some of these dog are NOT on the SNA list that PACC provides on a daily basis. Before they are lost in the system, I'd like to keep track of them and make their names and stories public.

Please note that a LOT of the info is missing. This is because a lot of the dogs do not even have paperwork on their kennels. Wednesday is the day I do Dog Recovery and Wednesday is also the day the vet does her surgeries. I am not able to get all the latest info on the pups. Also, sometimes I just forget to take pictures of the kennel cards.

These are NOT all of the dogs in that area.

Juno, A396453
Spayed female, 4 years old, intake 9/16
TVT. Now kept in vet's office. Her white blood cell count is very low so she is being monitored closer by staff.
Duelly has extra toes.

Duelly, A497339
Neutered Male, 2 years old, intake 10/5
I'm not sure why he's here. URI?

Janus, A497852
Male, 8 years old, intake Oct?
He was pictured last week but he has a new haircut!
lame left leg, ear infection? Fluid sac? Lipoma? Janus looks like Frankenstein now with staples all up his side. He is constantly scratching himself and hopefully has a new cone.

Tommie, A496336
Female, 2 years old, intake Oct?

Mack, A498737
Male, age unknown, intake 10/17
HBC, Story is that he belonged to a homeless person. The dog was hit by a car on purpose and the homeless community begged the police officer to take him to the shelter for treatment, donating all the food they had to help pay for his treatment.

Toby (I think), A498852 (I think)
Female, age unknown, intake 10/4
HBC (I think), lame front leg

Unknown, A499045
Female, age unknown, intake 10/21
Horrible wound on leg. Exposed bone, maggots
Her leg has since been amputated and she is in with the vet.

The reason I show you this is not to gross you out but to let you know the seriousness of some of these injuries. Dog Recovery is not just URI dogs anymore. We must build a better shelter to help these animals recover quicker and safer.

Buddy, number unknown
Male, age unknown, intake unknown
I hear he is on the main floor but not on Petharbor

Twinkie, number unknown
sex unknown, age unknown, intake unknown
I think he/she has a URI

Maya ( think), number unknown
Female (lactating), age unknown, intake unknown
I believe she has URI

If you are interested in rescuing one of these dogs, please contact Michelle Lindorff ( or Justin Gallick (

All dogs are at Pima Animal Care Center, Tucson, AZ

Thank you for looking and sharing.

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