Monday, October 20, 2014


His name is Ludo.

I walked this sweet boy today.

He was shy and a little skittish.

He knew how to sit but wouldn't take a treat for it. 

He was scared of my hand and would shrink away from it.

He was the perfect walker but there was something else about him.

He was sad.

He was just kind of "there".

He watched the birds and the trees and the other dogs in the park down the hill playing,

his tail never left from between his legs.

He was too afraid to look me in the eye but he was sweet and gentle and mellow.

When I got back to his kennel, I thought I'd look at his intake papers. It read that the owners had him for 2 years. (Ludo is 5)

He was dumped by his owners for "growling". That was it. He growled and his family dumped him. And now he's marked as "NO CHILDREN" because of it.

While I read through the rest of the paperwork, I found this.

and this is when my heart broke. Trash? They fed their dog trash? but he really loves him as it says below that.

Coming to PACC is probably the BEST thing that has ever happened to this poor dog.

Let me repeat that....

Coming to PACC is probably the BEST thing that has ever happened to this poor dog. 

I only hope that he can get out and find a home before his shy, skittish behavior makes him pay for his life. PACC is so very overcrowded now that dogs with "behavior issues" are not making it.

PACC is Pima Animal Control Center in Tucson, AZ

Thank you for reading and sharing.


Debbie Lauzlin said...

Heather... I hope to God the owner did not mean that they "fed" him trash! That's terrible!! Maybe they meant that he gets into the trash & eats it? My heart just breaks for this guy. Like all of them, I wish I could take him myself. I hope he finds a great home soon, with someone who's willing to work with his shyness. This sweet boy deserves so much better!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was Ludo's owner. We actually had him for 5 years since he was a puppy and he bit 3 children over the course of that time. We said he growled only because we didn't want him put down. We didn't want to get rid of him ever but with four children in our home we didn't feel he was safe any longer. Ludo started getting food out of the pantry and got in the trash daily even though there was a lid on it. But the day he went in, he bit our son and broke his finger. we did love him and I don't appreciate some of the foul things you said. We hope he gets a loving home that does not have children because it would break my heart if he attacked another child. He is GREAT with adults. That's just how it is and we are not horrible people. We do love him and my children cry for him everyday, but their safety is the most important thing period. Thanks for your judgment......

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me you know Ludo's horrible owner who just dumped him. Because we are so un loving we worked to find him a new home and were even willingto pay his adoption fees. This morning when the new family went to adopt him they couldn't because he attacked one of the workers, and is no longer adoptable and will be put down tomorrow morning. I am sad to see this post is still up after I brought it to your attention that you had it wrong. You obviously have never had your one year old child attacked by a loving family dog, and had to hold that baby while they put over 20 stitches in his face and head. So yes after 3 times of Ludo biting we didn't want to risk that or worse again with small children in our home. The day I wrote you I was furious and still grieving the loss of a family member (Ludo), and to see the horrible judgmental things you said just hurt so bad, I then realized you were just going off what a very upset person scribbled on a piece of paper in a hurry as they fought back the tears and pain they were going through. I forgive you, and hope in the future you think before you start typing venom on your blog. You may not know the whole story, and that person you claim does not care about the dog they had to give up (or in your words dumped) may be on the PCC sight everyday hoping their pet the gets a good home and see the link to your trash talking blog. I hope you put a kinder tone to the next one. I really hope to come back in a few days to see this blog gone, because you know the truth now and keeping it up makes you look like a mean hearted person that probably shouldn't be working with animals and I really hope you don't pass that nastiness on to your children because that would make for a very sad future for our world.

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