Thursday, October 16, 2014

The dogs in Sick Bay/Dog Recovery

These dogs don't get a lot of attention. Some aren't even known about.

I'm going to start posting their pictures. Nothing is going to be fancy about today's post. It's 11:00, I'm tired, I'm sick with a nasty cold, I'm irritated and in a bad mood. Nothing like honesty, right?

These are certainly not all of the dogs, just the few that I interacted with and took pictures of.

Pima Animal Control Center, Tucson, AZ

Abby Road - A496743
I think she's been adopted today.

 Pepper - A493546
Female, 6 months old. Has been in sick bay for 2 months.
First had giardia, then URI and now back to giardia.
Someone please go get her. She's spent 1/3 of her life in a shit hole.

Lanus - A497852
Male, 8 years old. Lame left hind leg, possible ear infection
Kenneled with Abby Road, Tyson, Sage

Lamby - Number unknown
Female, 18 months. Non-contagious skin condition, people selective
I posted her on Facebook last week. She is still there.

Snowflake - Number unknown
RIP 10/16/14- Horrible wound with maggots. Also possible blockage. He/she was in so much pain and not improving.

Tyson - 496877
Male, 4 years
Front leg amputated, not sure if he has anything else.
Kenneled with Abby Road, Sage and Lanus

Patricia - Number unknown
Age unknown (I think she's very young). Very thin, Pneumonia, but has healthy appetite.
For being so thin, she has a beautiful coat.
Mastiff mix

 Pretty Girl - A496742
Female, no age (I think she's just a puppy) URI
She's scared of the world and has to be carried out of her kennel.
Warms up quickly and LOVES belly rubs.

Sage - A496978
Female, 5 years. Limping on back leg. Not sure if that is her only issue.
Kenneled with Abby Road, Janus, Tyson

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Anonymous said...

I saw some of them on Friday. Sage was crying and begging at the kennel door. I hope someone can foster her. She is so thin and on meds for Valley Fever. Janus is calm and looks very different now since he was shaved except for his head. He had the fatty masses removed so he has a bandage around his belly. Thanks for giving them more exposure!

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