Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's not always sunshine and rainbows

Here are some layouts. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. :D

Oh, and anonymous asked me about the crowns for Giggle Crew. Those are Maya Road chipboard that I painted, added Prima tape and some jewels to.

This face says, "What are YOU looking at? Stop pointing that thing in my face and either get me something to eat or find someone that can. Geez!"

Rather than re-type my explanation for this layout, I'll just copy and paste what I wrote in the Peek gallery:

Why did I take a picture of the disgusting mess on my floor? I'm not sure. I know you're asking that question to yourself.

I think because I was at the point of total frustration.

I had already screamed.I had already cried.

I had already laughed.

There was nothing left to do but take a picture and record what BAD dogs I have.

When we leave the house, we have to move the garbage into the bathroom so the dogs don't get into it. Well, I moved it but I forgot to shut the door.

You may think, "Why doesn't she leave the dogs outside?" I have a good explanation for that. Really, I do. I just don't have time to go into it now.

Brand spanking new Daisy D's Wonder Years collection. I LOVE it!! Now, go buy it at Peek!
P.S. Check out this clearance section, too.

1 comment:

Susan Beth said...

I could take pictures of the mess my dogs make of the garbage too! It is a cool idea! We have to have a baby lock on the cupboard where the garbage is stored, and the youngest member of our household is 8. It is just what we do for those pesky dogs that we love! Great layouts!

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