Thursday, September 01, 2005

Off Ground

I'm feeling a little lost today.

Out of routine.


I think I remember feeling this way during 9-11. Maybe it's just a feeling of total helplessness. Can you believe 9-11 was FOUR years ago?

I've had laundry sitting in the dryer for two days.

I don't care.

and I'm so tired of the heat. I'm always sweating.

and the toys. There are toys everywhere. I trip over them.

and I'm tired of nursing. Katrina is 22 months old and when she wants to nurse she just comes over and lifts my shirt. Most days, I don't even bother to wear a bra. This way I don't have to stop what I'm doing to help her. Too much info? Sorry. Not what you were expecting in a blog? Sorry.

and whining. I'm tired of hearing everyone whine. Too many whiners in the world.

heehee...that was supposed to be funny. Get it? ...all my whining and then I say I don't like whiners...nevermind. If I have to explain, it's not funny.

In other news...

Trent made beer today. He mixed his decaf iced tea with water, stirred it with a spoon and claimed it was beer. We're not big drinkers here, so I'm not exactly sure where he came up with that one. "Mmmmm, this is good beer!" he says.

I'm making another loaf of homemade bread.

I'm going through this 70's Rock phase. I had an itch to listen to some old Queen and Pink Floyd today. Not sure why. I pulled out some Pink Floyd I didn't even know we owned. They were mixed up in the cd drawer with Pet Shop Boys, Project Pitchfork and Portishead. To my surprise, we actually have three PF cd's: Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall.

And, I got a package of stuff together for Jlyne and her family.

I don't like starting sentences with "and". Isn't that bad grammar? I did that a lot in this entry.

and I'm done for today. I promise I won't come back until I'm either in a bra or a better mood.


Anonymous said...
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sherry said...

Hope you are feeling better this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! I sure hope you're feeling in better spirits today! :)
~Sharon (from DML)

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