Friday, September 30, 2005

The Buttons

The buttons will be my demise. I can feel it. I can sense it.

It's been two days since I gave Trent the project of organizing the buttons. I thought it would be a fantastic little chore for him to do. I asked him to organize them by color and I gave him some plastic containers to put them in.

Baby Kat thought she was to grab buttons by the handfull and throw them.

I gave Baby Kat a couple of plastic bowls to help organize, too, all while smiling to myself.

My vision was that they would each play "Buttons" happily together.

This wasn't even close.

The bowls were filled and the buttons were thrown, bowl and all.

Trent and I got on our hands and knees and picked up the buttons. While we were picking these up one by one, Baby Kat took the containers that Trent had nearly full and dumped those upside down all over the floor. On the tile floor they scattered everywhere. They slid under the bench, they slid under the bookcase and some jumped into the carpet.

1 step forward, 3 steps back.

We put Baby Kat "away" and picked them up again.

This morning, they seemed to be everywhere again.

I asked Trent if he would keep picking up the buttons. He did without an argument. He obviously had more in store for me.

"What's this one?" he asked me a few minutes later. A button was pinched between his thumb and finger.

"It's a button?" I answered.

"It IS?"

A couple minutes later...

"What's this one?"

"It's another button, just a fancy one."


What kind of question is that? Why? Why what? Why is it fancy? Why is it a button?

A couple minutes later...

"Wow, Mommy! Look at this! It's an umbrella button!"

"Wow, Trent! That's really cool. Please put it in the jar."

A couple minutes later...this time I'm on the toilet.

"MOM! What's this?"

"It's a string of buttons."

"Can you take it apart for me?"

"No. Just put it in the jar."


I literally try to wipe the exasperation away from my face with my hand.

"Please go put it in the jar Trent."

He walks away looking at it in his hand.

I hear, "WOOOOSH". The sound of buttons hitting the tile floor again.

Then I hear, "BABY KAT!!!! NO!!!!"

I can't believe it. I pick up Baby Kat and put her in her crib. I'm sure I'll regret using her crib as "time out", but for now, we have a Button Emergency. I can feel the anxiety creeping up. These buttons MUST be picked up.

As Katrina screams in the background, Trent and I pick up the buttons again. Most of them are picked up so I go to retrieve Katrina from her crib.

You think she would have learned that now is the time to help pick up the buttons. I show her (again) how it's done. You pick up the button, you put it in the box. She surprises me and wipes her hand through the nice pile of buttons Trent has set up and ready to be boxed.

Buttons everywhere again. I was standing RIGHT THERE when it happened. I was right there.

It's been two days. I am a grown woman who has lost control of her button box.

The buttons are still there. I don't know how much longer they will be there for. I can see that someone is going to have to hold Ms. Poop while two others pick up those damned buttons.

So, if you were wondering what plans I had for the weekend....


sherry said...

Ohhhhhh my, Heather! After those buttons get picked up, put that box up HIGH and out of reach!! LOL! Believe me, my heart goes out to you!!

Jocelyn said...

On the "bright" side, you re-learned all the different types of buttons you have! That's always exciting! And never forced excitement...

Trent seems like he's being a huge help though. What a nice guy, "why's" and all...

kelly edgerton said...

Oh my gosh! You are going to be finding buttons for the next year. They will show up in the oddest locations, and you will be reminded of the button fiasco time and time again. I'm so glad you wrote about it and took a picture. Too soon, this will become a distant memory. Kudos to you for your patience.

Gwyn said...

Well, it sounds like if nothing else, the buttons have kept Trent busy for a good long while! LOL

Kimberly said...

Oh boy! That is a lot of work! Eeeeee! :)
Thanks for the visual too. :)

SageHen said...

I don't suppose you could just vacuume them all up?

Or at least use a broom.

melissa said...

oh my goodness, just reading the story made me feel like I was the one with the button clean up. My heart goes out to you, I suprised you didnt start pulling your hair out when you heard the buttons drop for the fifth time. lol. definitly put them some where high.

CarrieC said...

Oh Heather! BIG hugs. I can't believe that baby Kat could be a trouble maker like that. Don't they all look so cuite and innocent in the pictures! LOL! I hope you had a good stiff drink or at least some chocolate after that incident!

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