Friday, September 23, 2005

5th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary.

We're going out to dinner, maybe a little wine, then cake for dessert.

Each year we always get a mini cake from the bakery that made our wedding cake. We usually get the small topper size, but we decided this year that since there is only a few dollars difference between that and a 1/4 sheet, we would just get the 1/4 sheet. heeheehee...hope my mom and grandmother aren't reading this. I'm going to get in big trouble. I'm supposed to be on a low fat diet due to my absolutely obnoxious cholesterol level. Oh, we'll freeze most of that cake. Yup, that's what we're gonna do.

Oh, and let me say that my cake HAS to have buttercream frosting. If there is that whipped cream crap on my cake, I won't eat it. Why bother? That was one of my biggest worries while planning my wedding. I was terrified that the bakery would use whipped cream instead of buttercream. My wedding would have been ruined if they used that whipped cream crap. I think I called the bakery weekly to make sure they had the order correct.

Anyway, my husband totally surprised me with this year's gift. He bought me a remote for my camera! I was shocked. It wasn't lacy underwear, or a thong that I would have to return the next day, or even hardware from Ace. It was something I could actually use that I wouldn't have gone out to buy myself.

Yeah, I complain about him way too much at times. He is a pretty decent guy.


Jocelyn said...

Aww, how sweet!! Happy Anniversary, Heather! So having a remote=us seeing more "self-portraits," right?

Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary girly! How fun...and what a great gift! That is on my Christmas wish list! So I can actually be in some photos too. :) Lovin' buttercream right along with you! xx Loves,

{c} said...

Congrats on your Anniversary!!
I saw your blog link on two peas and wanted to say "hi"

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