Friday, September 16, 2005

Because I said so

I am sad to report that I have resorted to using this line already this morning. It's only 10:30 in the morning and I've already run dry of patience.

This type of answer doesn't usually come out of my mouth until around 3:30-4:00 on somedays.

Today I guess is different.

Before 7:30 even came about, he was crying because he wanted "Heart Cheerios". He can have regular Cheerios. "Heart Cheerios" are reserved for mom and dad. Sometimes a little is sprinkled on top of the kid's Cheerios, but today there wasn't enough.

He didn't want to put his shoes on. "WHY?"

He didn't want to go for a bike ride. "WHY?"

He didn't want that cup. "WHY?"

He doesn't want to eat around the brown spot on the banana. "WHY?"

He doesn't want to share toys with his sister. "WHY?"

He wants to use the other Swiffer, the one BK is using. "WHY?"

He doesn't want to help put away the puzzle that is all over the floor. "WHY?"

He doesn't understand why he doesn't get anything to eat because he wouldn't eat either his Cheerios or his banana. "WHY?"

He hasn't stopped whining all morning. "WHY?"

"Can I bow out cano?"



"Volcano?" He was just playing with the volcano.

"NO!!" When he whines it's even harder to understand him.


"Oh, the candle. You want to blow out the candle. No. You may not blow out the candle."


"Because it smells pretty and we're smelling it now."


"Because it smells like cloves."

"I wanna bow the cano."

"I just told you NO."



At least it seems to work. It's such a lame answer but it always works.

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