Tuesday, September 13, 2005


"Meemee" is Katrina's word for nursing.

It's not pronounced quick and short like "me me", the "e's" are long "meeeemeeee".

Trent is not good at pronouncing his "n"'s, so anything that starts with an "n" sounds like an "m". "Mursing" is what Trent calls it. Katrina turned "mursing" into "meemee".

At 22 months, Katrina is still quite heavy into "meemee".

Over the weekend, Katrina found the drawer of cds open. I over hear her repeating, "meemee". Soon, I hear a little louder, "MA! Meemee". I look up and she's walking towards me with this cd in her hand, tapping at the cover, "Meemee, Mommy." Once I acknowledged the "meemee", it was Daddy's turn. "DA!", she turns around to go to another room of the house, "Meemee! DA!"

As I type this, she is on my lap pointing at the screen, "Meemee meemee meemee!"

Even Gigi has "meemee".

We've been told that Gigi has had at least two litters before she came to us. In February, when she was found on the side of the road, she had a litter of puppies with her. Gigi still has nursing nipples and should she lie down on her side, exposing her belly, Katrina is right there. She pokes and pinches at each of Gigi's nipples and says very seriously, "Meemee", while looking at me. I think at this point, Gigi is used to this behavior as she just deeply sighs when Katrina starts to point out her "meemee".

Some of Katrina's dolls and stuffed animals are "meemee'd". Sometimes she lifts her shirt to "meemee", sometimes Gigi "meemees" (while looking totally humiliated) and sometimes I have to "meemee". Why last night, both Gigi and I had to "meemee" a baby giraffe.

Nursing has become so much a part of our family, that even Trent has picked up on this in his own little way. Just about every picture he ever draws has "obows" (nipples).

I have to admit I had a little panic attack yesterday when I realized that Trent may be at school drawing pictures of naked people.

Yeah, I do a LOT of nursing...I mean "meemee".

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Amanda Williams said...

Hi Heather!
This is so cute, I'm LOL as I sit here meeemeee-ing my 5 month old, Sarah.
I love your work at two peas and thought maybe we could talk and get to know each other better...
We may be moving to Tucson in a few months and I would love to have some new scrapping buddies when I get there, I'll peamail you!
Talk w/ you soon,
Amanda aka newpeamanda

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