Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Teechnater years

The end of the year also brings us Trent's birthday. This year he turns 13.

I never thought I'd have a boy. I don't know why, I just always felt I was a mother for girls. I was so girly as a kid and didn't understand "boy stuff". When I was pregnant and discovered he was a boy, I was shocked. A BOY!? That meant no cute outfits to dress him in. Girls get all the cute stuff.

On the day he was born, Erik and I had spent the entire day playing Age of Empires on the computer. I had some cramping, but nothing that alarmed me. I had been gathering gold and setting up my army of horses, swordsmen and those stabby guys (can't think of their names) when I  got up to use the restroom. That's when my water broke.

We lived a block from the hospital. A block!! We barely made it. He was born so quickly, that I could not get an epidural and I remember having to sign papers that the nurse stuck into my face on a clipboard while yelling at me, "Don't push!"

I was so pissed at that nurse.

Right from the start he picked up trucks and turned everything into a gun or sword of some type. I mean EVERYTHING. He was all boy. He also played with dolls (because I bought them) but he always ended back with his cars. and Little People. OH MY GOSH he had a thing for the vintage Fisher Price Little People.

When I took this picture yesterday, I almost moved him to stand in front of the yellow truck, blocking it from view. I decided instead to keep it there because it was a gift he received from his grandmother exactly 11 years ago today. We still have it and the neighbor kid and Blake love to play in it. I figure when they're done with it, I'm going to re-purpose it and fill it with dirt and flowers and find a place in my garden to keep it. We've kept it this long, why not? And besides, you all know I hate throwing things away, right?

My teenager. December 30, 2013

Ashley and Trent 12 years ago

Trent meets John Waters in April 2003

Sharing Little People with Kat - December 2003

February 2008

Marching in the parade December 2013

When Trent was about 5 he asked me, "When will I be a teechnater?" I made him repeat his question because I didn't understand him.

"Teechnater? When will I be a teechnater?"

"Oh, teenager!When you turn 13"

"Oh, I hope I'm a good one."

"You will be."

And now he's 13 on the computer looking for swords from Amazon. Maybe I should have been reading while I was in labor instead of playing Age of Empires.

We love you so much, Trent!! You are my only and favorite boy.


Sharon said...

Oh Heather, this is so sweet. There is a special bond between Mother and Son. I never understood why my mom favored my brother more than me and my sister or why her first grandson was seemed more special than her first granddaughter. Until....I had Danny. I can not find the words, but there is something different. Maybe it's the love that can not be described, maybe it's knowing that your son would go to the ends of the earth for you, just as much as you for him.
And for that old truck, I have one sitting on my deck and two in the wood shed at camp that I can not part with. Not Danny, but me. A little part that I can not let go of.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh! *I* love the Fisher Price Little People growing up. I understand the fascination, Trent! Happy Birthday! Practice with that sword so you'll be ready for the zombie apocalypse!

BTW, Heather, my mom read Rosemary's Baby when she was in the hospital with me! hee. hee. hee.

S said...

Lovely post about your boy. I like that he's a drummer in the band. My daughter does drumline too. Glad I popped in from 2Ps.

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