Monday, December 23, 2013

It worked out perfectly

If you read my blog yesterday, then you know the family and I were setting up for a surprise proposal. 

Saturday night we arrived at the location around 6:30. We asked a few people if they wanted their photos taken and surprisingly, some people did. Our procedure was to look like we were practicing taking photos when Tom and Jess were to wander up.

We'd ask if they wanted us to take their picture and hopefully Jess would agree.  Kat would then tell them where to stand.

We were going to take a regular picture and then Tom would ask if we'd take their picture as they turn around and admire the lights.

Sometime during that turn around point, Erik was supposed to sneak up and give Tom the ring.

When Tom and Jess showed up, it worked out perfectly. The kids remembered they weren't supposed to recognize Tom. They agreed to the free photo and I told Kat to put them in place.

Erik was video taping the event as well. When the two of them turned around, I was expecting Erik to run up and hand the ring to Tom.

He never did.

I panicked and started stomping my feet and yell-whispering, "ERIK! ERIK! THE RING! WHERE'S THE RING?"

Apparently Erik had given Tom the ring before they even made it up to the shooting spot and I didn't notice.

You can hear me on video yelling at poor Erik and maybe I was even cussing. I don't know.

The picture taking kept going and my flash was slow at going off. All I remember is that I was so nervous and pissed because my flash wasn't always firing even though I had just changed the batteries.

Not only did I miss the ring pass over, but I also missed when Jess dropped her purse on the ground. Both kids and Erik asked me later, "Did you see how her purse just fell out of her arm onto the ground when he proposed?"

No, I missed that but it's on video!

Here are some of the pictures:

 Oh, and how do we know Tom, you ask? He's Trent's percussion teacher at his school.

Right before we left, I told Tom that I hoped Trent would be getting an A in his class for the rest of the year. ;)

Can you see the sense of relief on his face? I kind of looked the same way except I was sitting on the sidewalk trying to catch my breath.

Thank you again to Tom and Jess for trusting us and including us in this very special moment in your lives.

The Binnie family wishes you the best!!

Oh, and on a side note, we were reviewing the video later and in the background, you can see the homeowner going into the kitchen, opening the fridge, staring at it, getting something out and walking away. LOL! It was funny.

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