Friday, December 13, 2013

Yes, these are my shoes

Try not to be jealous. You can get your own pair(s) at Kohl's.

Thank you Dinner for helping me model these shoes.

You know I have a thing for mice, right? Well, when I saw these at Kohl's months ago, I really, really wanted them. Who wouldn't want patent leather red mouse shoes with gold trim????

Of course, Kohl's was out of my size and I tried to let it go. I really did. But, I was there the other day picking up some Christmas gifts with my 30% off coupon and decided to go back to the shoe aisle where these beauties were.

They were still out of my size.

I walked over to the kiosk to see if I could buy them online. Stupid kiosk was down.

I then found an employee who looked up the shoes and discovered there was ONE pair in my size at another store!! OH BOY!!

Last night during Trent's concert performance, I posted this picture on Facebook. Sorry for the crappy quality, it was with my cell phone. I didn't bring my DSLR because I wanted to concentrate on the concert (which was kind of hard because I couldn't stop looking at my patent leather red mouse shoes with gold trim).

I posted this and asked if anyone knew which shoe was mine. I thought it would be an easy guess but some of you got it wrong and thought the black one was mine. NOT!

Well, technically, it is my shoe/boot but Kat was wearing it.

While I was at Kohl's, I bought two other pairs of the mouse shoes. Don't tell Erik. He thinks I only got these pretty red ones. They were really cheap because they were on sale AND I had a 30% off coupon.

I also got:

camouflage for when I'm feeling sneaky.


and black for serious date nights.

I originally told everyone that I was buying them because the pre-school kids (yes, I'm a pre-school substitute teacher believe it or not) will like them.

But, let's be honest. I bought them because I am a crazy mouse lady.

I'd like to give a big SHOUT OUT to Dinner the mouse for helping me model these.

Thank you DINNER!

1 comment:

Princess Judy Palmer said...

They are great shoes! And of course you needed them in different um... colors. Is camouflage a color? Dinner is indeed a good model and didn't chew your shoe whiskers! Go Dinner!

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