Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Children's Christmas Party

Kat and I again had the honor of being photographers for Gospel Rescue Mission. Because the event was on a weekend, Erik was able to join in, too. Trent hung out with Erik instead of with me and Kat.

The event started at 10, but families started lining up outside at 6 AM. WOW!

As they came in to register, they were given a card to have checked off at vendors. After so many visits, they could then go in and get gifts for the kids.

It was cold but it was a lot of fun. We made new friends and wore ourselves out. :)

Like the similar post for the Thanksgiving Banquet,  I'll just let the pictures do most of the talking. I'll caption a few.

The line started at 6 am and went all the way down the block and wrapped around.

Kat outside the gate before we approached the line.
A couple of girls waiting in line.
I think they said that they were cousins.

The entrance to the party. Register and have fun!

Inside the empty library where the gifts were being handed out.
Kat standing next to one of the giant boxes of stuffed animals.
A Christian rap group
I love this picture Kat took.
Christian Motorcycle Association. They handed out drinks and nearly 1700 rolls of toilet paper/toothbrush packages.
I love God playing the floot. Also, look at the picture to the right.

Trent and Erik placing decorated garbage cans around the grounds.

The hot dog assembly line!

I made Kat stand next to the buns. There were a LOT of buns!

Picking out new shoes!

We found the cutest little puppy in someone's jacket pocket.

Volunteers raising their hands that they're available to help the next family.

A cute little dude with his new shoes.

I am so proud of Trent for helping organize donated shoes.

Erik, too!

This little girl was from the Thanksgiving Banquet. Kat recognized her right away.

Rocking her baby to some Christmas tunes.

Kat taking her job very seriously.

There was this darling group of children singing carols on the stage.

Trent taking a break and eating a hot dog. We don't know why there was a single shoe next to him on the ground.

I took a picture of Kat taking pictures.

There's that puppy again!

Thanks so much for visiting!

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