Friday, December 06, 2013

If I died tomorrow I could say I had a full life

I wanted to get a Ramones shirt for Blake but I could never decide what size and of course, I wanted him to be able to wear it forever and that would be impossible. I couldn't buy 10 shirts in 10 different sizes. The choices caused me way too much anxiety (which is so stupid, I know) so I decided to just skip buying him one altogether.

There was also the fact that it may end up at Ashley's house (Blake's mother) and Ashley not knowing how much a Ramones shirt meant to me may give it to Goodwill (God forbid) when he outgrew it. 

No, I couldn't buy him a Ramones shirt. There was just too much anxiety swimming around it. Too many "what ifs". (Aren't you glad you don't live like this? Spending so much time over a stupid shirt?)

Now tonight we were in Petsmart and I spied this little gem. I have no idea what it cost but it didn't matter. I could pick one size and it would fit Manny for forever and ever and ever.

and so now I'm sitting here and drinking a beer (a very dark beer. I only like dark beer) and feeling very relaxed and happy.

Someone I love is wearing a Ramones shirt.

Thank you Petsmart.


Ohhh Snap said...

I love it when problems are answered in unexpected ways : D. Manny is rocking the Ramones shirt : D.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Dude! But it's the Ramones! I'm glad someone you love got a Ramones shirt. Did you ever watch Grounded for Life? The parents keep their kids up late on a school night and then have to answer to the kids' nun teachers the next day. "But it was the Ramones!"

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