Monday, December 09, 2013

At one time, Christmas tree shopping was fun

Now, no one wants to do it. It's boring, stupid and we always get the "Charlie Brown" tree.

Now it's all about:

"Can I bring my Kindle?"
"Can I sit in the car?"
"When can we go home?"
"I'm cold!"

"This tree is too small!"
"This tree is stupid!"
"Can I put a red ornament right on top so it falls over like on Charlie Brown?"

 Erik tries to be positive and says stuff like:

"Oh, it fits in the car perfectly!"
"I can load it in the car with one arm!"
"Oh, at least we don't have to move any furniture around."

Yeah, whatever.

 It's this tree dammit and you're going to like it!

 Not these, they cost way too much!

 Not this one, either.

 Now, go stand behind the cut outs so it looks like we're a fun family. FUN! NOW!


Laurie said...

yeah--boring. But at least it smells good at the Christmas tree lot!

Jason Hanna said...

Oh no, this day exists. :(

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Another lovely family outing....

Sharon said...

Your blogging always brings a smile to my face! Love it!

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