Monday, December 30, 2013


Gigi is getting very old. We brought her home when Kat was around 2 and the vet thought Gigi was around 5 years old. That was 8 years ago!!

That means Gigi is around 13 years old.

The other day, I was taking pictures of the dogs as they were playing in our bedroom and I looked over at Gigi sitting calmly on her bed. The first thing I noticed were how gray here feet were.  Not only is her muzzle gray, but now her cute little feet are gray, too.

I remember when we brought her home 8 years ago. We had Zoe (the dalmatian) who was still kind of a young dog. Our other older dog had recently been put down due to cancer and we were looking for a very calm and kind friend for Zoe that could help influence her. She was a crazy dalmatian with bad manners that never ever stopped moving.

Gigi did the trick and showed her how calm is better. We like to think that Gigi's calmness came from being a mother several times over. She was found abandoned on the street with her litter of puppies. The vet determined that this hadn't been her first litter. After all the puppies were adopted, Gigi (her name was Vanna at the time) was left. She ended up in a rescue organization where we found her. 

June 12, 2005. Picking out Gigi

First day at her forever home

We brought her home and within months, she became huge!! She gained so much weight and we had to put her on a diet. We used to called her, "Chubbers". Of course, we said that out of earshot.


After moving to our new home where we have a huge backyard with lots of lizards and rabbits to chase, she lost weight rapidly. In fact, the vet was a bit concerned because she was so thin. We stopped feeding her carrots as snacks and put her back on normal dog treats. Her weight varies and right now we're trying to beef her up a little bit.

Gigi is the best dog ever. She is almost like a cat as she needs very little maintenance. She's always where she is supposed be, doesn't chew up garbage, chase the cat, bark her head off, or try to sleep on the bed. She is happy in her dog bed or outside during the day. She rarely comes in unless I make her because it's either too hot or too cold. 

That dog LOVES being outside.

Her name came from being a "Good Girl". Gigi

We love her!

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