Thursday, December 05, 2013

Tucson's Finest (picture heavy)

I finally received the go ahead to post the pictures from the Gospel Rescue Mission Street Banquet. The kids and I went on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as volunteer photographers.

We were amazed and humbled.

I'll add a few comments, but for the most part, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. I'd love your opinion so please feel free to leave a message.

Getting ready to make plates

Explaining portion sizes

Food is out and ready to go!

Start scooping!

I got lost in the building and came across this. The man's dog is on the bottom right.

After the plates are filled and put onto trays, they're shuttled out this door.

There were lots of dogs there.

Kat and Trent

If you need a prayer, raise your hand

This is Daisy. He handed the leash right to Katrina and then bent over so he could feed her.

Pups get hungry, too! Several hundred pounds of dog food was handed out as well.

Pretty Mama and baby

Girl with her "new" shoes. Katrina gave her one of her old toys.

One of our veterans.

A volunteer serving pie

Christian Motorcycle group was there distributing drinks.

Katrina gave her one of her horses.

The line waiting to be seated

Kat checking her photos.

The most photogenic volunteer server ever.

A volunteer couple. I liked how they were holding hands.

This is a picture Kat took. This man would not look at me but he allowed Kat to his this beautiful picture.
Thank you so much for looking and leaving a comment. The best part is that they called and asked us to come back and photograph their children's party in December. Trent and Erik are going to serve hotdogs and Kat and I will be taking photos.

Have a great day.


Kathleen said...

Those photos are awesome Heather! Love the one Kat took!

Laurie said...

These are really good. I already commented on FB but wanted to add here how proud I am of my daughter and grandchildren! Thanks for being a blessing to others.

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