Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The dog that walks backwards, AKA

the perfect way to start off the New Year!

This morning Pima Animal Care Center opened their doors for any and all able bodies to walk dogs, build dog beds and cuddle cats.

Kat, Trent and I signed up for the dog feeding station. We were to give the dogs a bowl of food and a couple of treats. I can't even begin to tell you how many cans of food we opened.

Kat with dog biscuits in both hands ready to go!

Some dogs had 5 bowls of food. That's 2.5 cans!

The dogs were starving for both food and attention. All the dogs were on their best behavior today. Every dog I saw was wagging his tail and seemed as happy as could be.

This dog couldn't wait for Kat to put down that bowl!

There is one dog that walk backwards. I tried to get a picture of him, but as soon as I did, he started to turn around. No one knows why he walks backwards, he just does. The more tenured volunteers told me that he ALWAYS walks backwards. He didn't get very far on his walk. He mostly ate.  I didn't catch his name, unfortunately. ETA: His name is Rufus.

This dog walks backwards

There were so many volunteers, that several dogs were walked more than twice!! That probably means that there were a few dogs that had more than 5 bowls. Each time dogs were walked out to the park and back again, they were offered bowls of food.

This sweet dog couldn't put weight on her leg, but she got to come out and get some fresh air, food, and love.

Kat handing off dog biscuits to volunteers.

Trent scooping out food for some lucky dogs.

Our neighbors came out and walked dogs, too.

Our neighbors walked a very eager, LET'S GO!!! dog.

Our other neighbors came, too!

As we left, we walked through the kennel area to get out. Now, I've only been in the kennel area a few times since we're new volunteers, but that kennel was QUIET!! All the dogs were sitting down or sleeping. It was both the strangest and happiest thing to see/hear! The last time we came, I insisted the kids use ear protection. It's THAT loud!

Right before exiting, we checked in on the cats. There were only a dozen left and we were told that 4 had been adopted in the 2 hours of "cat cuddling" time.

I'd love to know the stats on how many dogs were adopted. I'll have to ask!

Anyway, the kids and I were exhausted and all of us decided it was the perfect way to start 2014!


Cindy said...

39 total adoptions!!! Thanks to you and your family for volunteering and for this great highlights of the day!

Heather Binnie said...

That is so awesome! Thank you for letting me know.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Maybe Rufus walks backwards because he wants to know where he's been, not where he's going. That way there is no advance expectation... it's all a big surprise when you get there. I think I'll try it the next time I'm out driving around....

Frances Yun said...

Hi Heather,

We're interviewing a fellow Mommy Blogger (Julia Goolia) this week. She's been a blogger for 6 years, mom of 2 (soon-to-be 3), and, like you, also takes a ton of great pics of her kids.

If you there's anything you want to ask a fellow experienced Mommy blogger, do take a second to submit a question to add to our interview!

Thanks from the both of us!

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