Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear God

Please forgive me for whatever I have done that has PISSED you off so badly. I love animals and I do not know why you continue to give me duds.

I've dealt with garbage strewn all over the house.
I've dealt with dogs throwing up their own poop on my carpet.
I've dealt with powdered sugar stuck to the tile floor and carpeting.
I've found avocados pits in my bed.
I've accepted the fact that I will have to vacuum my bed on muddy days.
I've dealt with poop, pee, vomit, etc in all places in my home.

But this? I have a 16 month old I'm trying to babysit today. Why???

Like a serial killer in the crowd of on-lookers at a murder scene, I'm assuming the guilty party had to come witness my horror as I walked in the door and grabbed my camera.

"You better wipe this shit up, bitch, or I'll scratch you"
Why does the cat hate me?I know it was her because Manny is in his crate and the other two dogs are outside. The other day, she also toppled over Twilight's cage. It was upside down on the floor.



Princess Judy Palmer said...

Cats are just inherently evil. Now clean that up before some other pet comes along and laps it up.

Carole Beath said...

What furry friend adventures you have, Heather. There is no accounting for the why of animals and their daily decisions.

scissorbill said...

I used to have my washer and dryer in a closet in our upstairs hallway. We don't have a cat but once I heard a crash followed by a glug glug and found a bottle of detergent had spilled on the carpet. It took hours of cleaning with a carpet cleaner to get those suds up.

shelly said...

oh heather i know this isnt funny but..well ok yes it is! sorry :) you just crack me up :) i can just sit on your blog and read all day, its like that good book you just can not put down! wish my life wasnt so boring ;)

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