Thursday, February 14, 2013

We were crazy in the 70's

Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday I was helping Kat sign her Valentine's Day cards when I noticed how teeny tiny they were. They're only about 2x3 inches. There are no envelopes and you don't even get to fold them over and secure them shut with a sticker.

I asked, "Wanna see what Valentine's Day cards were like when I was your age"?

All of them (the girls I babysit after school were here, too) said, "YEAH!"

I must have been born a scrapbooker because I saved my Valentine's Day cards from when I was in third or fourth grade. They are tucked away in one of my childhood diaries. Yeah, I kept a diary and you'll never see it. It mostly says stuff like, "I hate Mom", or "I love Jeff". I was very emotional, I guess, as a 10 year old.

I pulled the cards out for the girls and showed them how large and colorful they used to be. You know, things are always better in the good ol' days.

The girls (and Trent) were bored after about 30 seconds but I kept digging through them.

My good friend, Deanna Larsen, gave me this one. Her name is on the back so if she doesn't believe me I can scan it and show her. I wonder if she knew at the time how politically incorrect she was?

Yeah, I know, huh!! We could never get away with something like this now.

Remember Ziggy? I had forgotten all about that bald little loser until I found this:

Here are a couple others I found. They're not inappropriate or anything, like Deanna's, but they do scream 1970-something.

These were decent sized, too.  Not a teeny 2x3 inch picture that you need a magnifying glass to read.  I don't think we had candy on them, either. You got a Valentine's in an envelope and maybe the rich kids gave you candy OR a t-shirt iron-on.

There were no temporary tattoos. In my stack of cards, I found an iron-on Valentine.

I was so lucky and didn't even realize it.


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I totally remember the Valentine's Day of "old". I think I may have even given out some Ziggy cards in my day. :)

Carole Beath said...

Heather, this post gave me giggles aplenty. I loved those old Valentine's. Now...just imagine the Valentine's in MY world back in the ....the.... well, way back.

Heather Binnie said...

Do you have any, Carole? I bet they were AWESOME!!!!!!

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