Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crafty time

I was at the new Joann's today. Thank goodness northwest Tucson has nice, new and CLEAN location to visit. The old one was gross and I always felt like I needed a shower after visiting.

Anyway, I came across some Spellbinder gear dies. I've never seen them before and even though I've had issues with Spellbinder dies not working well in my Cuttlebug, I still wanted needed them.

So, I bought them and took them home and actually used them. As I was looking at them, I realized that I could Steam Punk about anything now.

So, that's what I did.

I can't tell if Sookie likes being Steam Punked or not.

and then I moved on to Trent's new Lego set.

If you're not going to pick your toys, you'll just have to deal with me Steam Punking them.

and last but not least, I gave Spots a chance to hit the town in her new Steam Punk outfit:

sorry, it's not a great picture. She didn't really like it very much anyway.

All this fun, from this one little package.

On sale at Joann's for $14.99. Go buy them and Steam Punk something. Then link me up so I can see it.


wendyp said...

oh man, those look cool! Adding them to my ever growing list of things to look for when our new Joanns opens in spring. Can't wait because our old J's is a bit lame in the scrapbooking dept.

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

You are too funny, Heather!

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