Saturday, January 26, 2013

You're not actually pooping again, are you?

or, my first 15 minutes alone with six dogs.

A couple of my friends left for Disneyland today. I'm watching their dogs, cats, fish and mice. Their dogs are here.

Bob and Colby came over first. Then Shelby.

Then they started their mutiny.

I wanted to get them all to sit down so I could take a picture. Don't laugh. It's been done before but not with these dogs.

None of the dogs sat when I told them to. Not even my dogs. It's like they knew it was six against one and they were going to have absolutely nothing to do with what I said anymore.


I was outside and soon found myself saying:

Get off the table!

What are you eating?

Put that down!

That is an outside toy, not an inside toy!

Pooping again?!

Get over here!

Leave him alone!

Leave her alone!

Come over here and sit!! SIT!!

I'm not throwing your ball!!

Holy cow! Are you actually pooping AGAIN?!

Every time someone pooped or peed, all the other dogs had to pee over it.

I'm sure all that peeing would make any dog very dehydrated.

I was sitting on the far bench as far away as I could from the giant steaming pile of freshly deposited dog poop when I noticed Manny drinking out of the Christmas Tree stand. I now call this, "The Water Bowl of Unnecessary Torture and the Potential for Blindness"

*sigh* This is how my husband takes care of things, I guess. I won't tell you where the Christmas tree is. Ok, I will. It's sitting in the middle of the backyard. The dogs pee on it every day and the kids move it back and forth across the yard like it's a toy.

This is Bob. It poured today!! It was like a monsoon rain. The first thing Bob did when I let him outside was walk all the way through the giant puddle in the backyard. As he'd walk, he'd shake the water off his extra foot. He was acting like it was torture but it was his choice. Later I'd find him with the Saw Cup stuck on his face. He was happy to see me and stopped moving so I could take it off.

Here's a picture of all six of them. It took me awhile to get. As you can see, NONE of them are sitting. Shelby is off in the background, probably going to poop again.

Oh, and I'm really excited to go check on the cats. My friend has a cat with only two legs. He only has his back legs and he's really quite chubby because in his old age he can't move around a whole lot. She said I could put my Star Wars figurines around him and take pictures like he's Jabba the Hutt.

So, look for those pictures in the next couple of days.

Oh, man. Before I could even finish reading this, I caught Bob eating a purple crayon. I need to be more careful. I was warned that Bob would eat just about anything. He ate staples once. Luckily, they passed easily.

Dammit! Now Manny is finishing off the crayon.

Man, there's a lot of crap in this post.

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snappy scrappy said...

You are so funny!!! Lee-Ann :)

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