Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I was caught by the Principal

As some of you know, we've been watching the Science Teacher's mice over the Christmas break. Today was the day I was going to take them back.

I've been through this drill before. I pull up, put on the blinking light things on my car, Trent runs out and into the office. Within 18 seconds 3 other people come rushing out with a giant cart large enough to carry the 40+ pound aquarium and all the food and bedding. It's like a scene from Grey's Anatomy when all the doctors come rushing out to the ambulance with a gurney. Within two minutes, I'm completely out of the parking lot.

But, while this is happening, I get dirty looks from the other parents dropping their kids off. Some are shaking their fist and I just know they're saying (cause I'm kinda good at reading lips) "JUST DROP OFF YOUR KID AND MOVE ON!" They violently turn their steering wheels and swerve to the left to get around "that stupid lady that's in the drop off zone. Why doesn't she just park the damn car and get out??"

After all, that's what I'm saying at the elementary school drop off when I'm trying to drop off Kat (but come on, really?? do you HAVE to watch your kid walk all the way to the gate and inside before you leave?? Can't you just say, "I love you and have a good day" while you're driving??)

But, I have Mousies and they're cold and scared.

This time, though, I saw a parking space in the lot in front of the drop zone. I was elated that I would avoid dirty looks and shaking fists and the Mousies would not be so scared.

By the time I got into the parking lot, I realized that the open space on the curb said, "Principal".  Oh no!!! Did I really want to pull out, go all the way around and into the drop off line, wait, wait, wait and then get the dirty looks and shaking fists? No, I didn't. I parked in the Principal's space and it was a decision that would change the rest of my day.

"Oh, I can do this. It's only 2 minutes. RUN TRENT RUN!" Trent opened the door and sped out, avoiding dirty looks and shaking fists as he ran through the drop off traffic.

30 seconds pass and I'm starting to panic. Where is he? Why is this taking so long? I keep checking the end of the parking lot to make sure no one else is pulling in.

Suddenly lights blind my eyes. Oh no! A car is pulling in the lot. Please don't be the principal, please don't be the principal, please don't be the principal.

It is.

I look for Trent. I still don't see him. It's been a good 60 seconds now.

The principal sees me sitting next to my open trunk and by this time the mousies are running all over the cage, climbing up the water bottle and trying to escape. They can feel my tension.

I look for Trent again. Oh, there he is. He's by himself and he's shuffling along like both of his shoe laces are untied and he's trying not to trip himself. "Look up, Trent. Look at me. The principal IS HERE AND SHE WANTS TO PARK HER CAR HERE!! Hurry!!" I say all of this to myself.

The principal backs up and parks behind three other cars and gets out.

"I'm so sorry", I said meekly. I felt this strange urge to drop a cigarette before she could see but I realized that I wasn't smoking and the feeling was actually just a knee jerk reaction to my days in junior high.

"I have mousies", was all I could squeak out. What seemed like a really good excuse for parking there now felt incredibly stupid.

"Hi Mousies", she said. I rubbed my foot into the ground, extinguishing a cigarette that wasn't there.

Again I apologized and she tried to tell me it was ok and to have a nice day. I felt horrible. Where the hell was Trenton??

Ahhh, there he was. He was trying to maneuver the cart down the cement ramp where a parent had stopped in front of to drop their kid off. Trent had to wait until they moved.

The principal left and was very, very nice. I felt like an absolute fool.

Finally Trent made it to the car, I loaded it up as quick as I could and told him to be careful because he was already in trouble because his mother had been caught by the principal parking in her spot. He looked at me a little strangely but I sent him on his way because I wanted out of there so quickly.

Once I escaped the parking lot, I did go across the street to park at the church. Kat and I walked over to the office to ask if she wanted me to move her car into the parking spot. I thought that was the least I could do since I was "one of those parents".

Again she was very nice about it and said that it was no big deal.

So, there is your lesson for the day. Don't park in the Principal's parking spot even if you have to drop off Mousies. It's totally not worth it.

Have a nice day!


Roxx.T Barnes said...

hahaha!You are really good at telling a story! I was so into the story so completely forgot I was at work! LOL Have a good day!

snappy scrappy said...

You crack me up!! Lee-Ann :)

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Loved your story.

And as someone who just needs to traverse the road outside the damn school, whatever happened to kids taking the bus?

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