Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Saw Cup

As promised from my previous post, this is the story about Blake's "Saw Cup".

I guess plastic baggies are out of style for toddlers to carry their Cheerios in nowadays. I never see toddlers with baggies, they have really cool Gyro bowls to hold their snacks in while their moms and grandmas cruise around Target.

I really, really wanted a Gyro bowl but I couldn't find one so I ended up buying the "Saw Cup". I didn't realize at first that it would remind me of violence, suffering and death. It was only after Blake put his hand in the top that it hit me....

this is just like the scene from Saw 2 where the stupid girl puts her hands in the glass box with razor blade (I think) holes.

Here's the scene I'm talking about. It's two minutes long, but the part I'm talking about ends at about 30 seconds in so that's really all you need to watch. Of course, you can watch the whole thing, I'm not telling you what to do unlike Erik who heard me watching it and heard the kids saying, "oh, I understand now, Mom" and then he started yelling at me because he doesn't like it when I show the kids scenes from horror movies....

You wake up in a house with other people and there's a scary warning that you're all going to die. So, they're all trying to escape and she wanders alone into this room and sees this glass box and says to herself, "Hey, I'm going to stick my hand in here because the magic antidote is right there, I can see it, so nothing could possibly go wrong."

Well, duh. Her hand gets stuck and then she decides to put her other hand in, too. Duh! She can't pull her hands out and they start getting all bloody. I don't remember what happens next because I watched it so long ago and Erik wouldn't let me finish watching the scene on YouTube but I'm sure she dies a horrible and violent death.

So anyway, "Saw Cup" doesn't even work very well. Blake has a hard time getting his hand back out (just like the girl in the video) so he ends up walking around with the cup stuck on his hand while Cheerios spill out all over everywhere.

and that is why I call it "Saw Cup" and that is why I'm switching to plastic baggies.

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