Wednesday, January 23, 2013

School buses, construction zones and Lost

Back in December, while Erik was driving the Mini, he was hit by a school bus.

A school bus that didn't stop.

It was cold, dark and raining that morning. We have State Farm and when Erik called, an agent didn't magically show up like they do on the commercials (which I totally complained about to my agent later). Instead, he was transferred back and forth from one agent to another while standing under the shelter of a Circle K and it was basically just a disaster that I don't even want to talk about.

But anyway, 5 weeks later (yesterday), we're told the Mini is ready.

So we race down to the body shop to pick it up before they close.

Now, Erik wasn't injured in the accident. Thank goodness! But there was an impression left on my son.

Apparently, as Erik and Trent were driving home from the body shop in the Mini, a school bus pulled up to a stop sign as they were cruising along the road.

Trent, being the smart ass that he is, screamed, "DAD! WATCH OUT FOR THE SCHOOL BUS!"

I would have freaked out had he done that crap to me. I already have an anxiety issue. This is not something you want to do to someone like me.

Later as the story was being told to me while I was driving back from the rental car place, I tried to tell him this. Instead of listening, he screamed, "MOM! WATCH OUT FOR THE GIANT YELLOW VEHICLE!"

and I looked and there was a giant yellow truck passing me. He's lucky I didn't swerve but I now have new confidence in my driving ability, especially under stress.

While I was driving home from the body shop, I had Katrina with me. In Tucson, there is no way to avoid road construction. No way.

As we're driving along at 15 mph, she says completely out of the blue:

"Mom, do you remember how you cried at the end of Lost?"

Me: "Yeah. Why do you bring this up?"

Kat: "Well, there was that pipe back there."

It was a giant construction pipe for water. I think it stands about twenty feet high. I'm thinking to myself, "oh this is gonna be good".

Me: "Ok, what does that pipe have to do with my ugly cry at the end of Lost?"

Kat: "Well", she started, "The pipe was leaking morsels of water,"

Me: "Do you mean 'drops'? 'Drops' of water were leaking'?"

Kat: "NO! Morsels. I don't care if it means something about food. Morsels!".

Me: "Ok, go on."

Kat: "Well, the drops, I mean morsels of water reminds me of the ocean. The ocean reminds me of Lost. Lost reminds me of the last episode of Lost and the last episode of Lost reminds me of you crying. Get it?"

Oh yeah, I got it. My brain works the exact same way. I can start out thinking about scrapbooking and change to porn in about 5 seconds flat.

But right now I'm thinking of a headache because Katrina used the word "morsels". You know, Nestle Chocolate Chip morsels. Chocolate Chip morsels remind me of chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies remind me of sugar. Sugar reminds me of the headache I would get if I ate too many chocolate chip cookies but wouldn't care. I just want a cookie really badly right now.

and because I have always claimed that pictures are important, I've added a picture of Katrina from Christmas Eve while I was trying to do custom bokah. See, the lights are little hearts?? Too bad I couldn't remember to use a tripod.

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