Sunday, August 25, 2013

We could all learn a thing or two from Spongebob

"Why is it when Spongebob comes on Blake knows when to say, "ooooooooohh"? lol."

This was a message to me on my Facebook wall from my oldest daughter, Ashley. The old one, not Kat.

I could only respond with, ":blush:"

She doesn't like Spongebob and told me she didn't like Blake watching Spongebob because it would make him stupid. But now I caught her watching Spongebob because she wouldn't have asked me that question unless she was watching. Right? Right!

I have 4 other kids in the afternoon here after school. If I had told them they couldn't watch Spongebob until after Blake left, there would have been some sort of mutiny.

Besides, is Dora really a better option? She walks around the forest ALONE with a monkey (that probably has rabies) sometimes crossing raging rivers and cutting through dangerous thorny bushes. If that wasn't scary enough, she has this crazy fox chasing her and trying to steal her stuff.

Dora is scary. And she screams. I don't care what anyone says. Don't even get me started on Max and Ruby. Where the hell are their parents and why is Ruby always cooking something or giving Max a bath?

Spongebob is awesome and I'm going to tell you why.

1.) First of all, he has an incredible work ethic.

He goes to work every single stinkin' day and NEVER complains about it. He loves his job. He is dedicated and he goes over and above his normal duties.

He also holds the Krusty Krab burger secret close to his heart and will never reveal it for any reason.

2.) He does his best and never gives up.


I don't know if Spongebob will ever learn to drive, but he keeps trying. Spongebob is scared of driving and knows he sucks at it but he keeps pushing ahead and trying to learn. He never gives up.

3.) He is dedicated to his friends and kind to others.

Spongebob loves his friends. He is always there for them through thick and thin. He will do anything to help a friend and even a stranger.

 One year, he even brought Christmas and the spirit of giving to Bikini Bottom.

4). He is kind to animals.

Spongebob has a pet snail named Gary. He loves Gary and there are many scenes of him playing with Gary, feeding Gary and just being appreciative of his presence.

Spongebob loves to go jelly fishing. Any jelly fish he captures, he immediately releases. He is a friend to the environment and to animals. He is respectful of the delicate, beautiful and yet sometimes dangerous nature of the jelly fish.

5.) He can write some rockin' tunes.

Go ahead and just try to sit next to a campfire without humming the Campfire song.

Or, go ahead and eat a pizza without singing the Krusty Krab Pizza song.

You can't do it, can you?

6.) He's just an all around happy guy.

Spongebob finds delight in little things. Maybe it's playing in a box with his best friend, Patrick or seeing a giant jelly fish. Whatever it is, Spongebob is happy with what he has or what he can make with his wild imagination.

7.) He loves his family.

Spongebob lives on his own but he still loves and respects his parents. He may not always agree with his parents' suggestions, but he listens to them. Occasionally, we see Spongebob also at his Grandmother's home eating cookies and loving her, too.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. As I was searching for pictures of Spongebob, I came across other bloggers who felt the same way.

So, my dear readers, these are just some of the reasons why I love Spongebob and won't immediately flip the channel to something else when Blake is around. He has a lot to learn.

Actually, I think all of us do.

Be nice to your friends and family today and every day.


Princess Judy Palmer said...

I like that Spongebob is happy being a burger slinger. All you future liberal arts majors take note!

Karr said...

Love your true. My sister LOVES Spongebob and she is in her mid 20's. We can never learn enough be it from a book or a carefree happy sponge living in Bikini Bottom. ;)

Heather Binnie said...

Too funny, Judy!!

Heather Binnie said...

Too funny, Judy!!

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