Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shrimp is just an excuse to eat horseradish

My local grocery store has shrimp on sale. It was $7.99 for cooked jumbo shrimp and $5.99 for raw jumbo shrimp.

I bought a pound of raw and 4 pieces of the cooked. I was hungry and wanted a snack. Yeah, the butcher looked at me strangely but I don't care.

As I was eating my one cooked shrimp on the way home from the grocery store (I was hungry. Don't judge), I noticed it had no taste. It was actually kind of gross.

When I got home, I made a quick batch of cocktail sauce to eat the remaining three shrimpies. It was sooo much better.

So, I came to this conclusion...

Shrimp is just an excuse to eat horseradish and/or butter & garlic.

Erik and I ate that pound of shrimp that evening. I broiled them in garlic/butter sauce, we dipped them in cocktail sauce and then I sent him to the store for two more pounds. :blush:

It's ok to admit it. Shrimp by themselves suck. But, when you add butter, garlic and horseradish, they are awesome and you can eat three pounds in one evening.

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