Thursday, August 08, 2013

Time for cake!

Happy Birthday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Roxy and Mr. ?? (I forget his name but will come back and fill it in later) Nibbles!

Did you remember that it's their birthday? I did!

Heck, it's an excuse for cake, right? Anytime I can find an excuse for cake, I use it. Oh, and ice cream. You can't have birthday cake without ice cream.

It was 3 days after Spots the snake wouldn't eat "that white mouse that was eventually named Snowflake" that she became a pet.

Special Snowflake ($1.59) was a very special mouse.

$30.00 later in a cage, food, toys and bedding, Snowflake is one happy gal.

What we didn't know about Spots the snake is that she is a hard core Pro-Lifer. "That white mouse that was eventually named Snowflake" was heavily pregnant with  7 (that's right 7) mice. She gave birth overnight on 8/08/12 to 5 boys and 2 girls.

We watched them go from pinkies to fuzzy little sausages. I always liked the way Snowflake stacked them.

Snowflake was an AWESOME mom!! I had warned the kids that mice were known to eat some of their babies. She never did.  She was always nursing them except for when we came into the room and was hopeful we had Cheerios. As she got up to move towards the cage door, baby mice would fall off one by one. They'd land on their backs and their little legs would wave around and you could hear their little squeaks. But Mom Snowflake was on a mission for Cheerios.

After she was full of Cheerios, she'd go back to settle down and either nurse some more or give them all one giant group hug.

Once they were old enough to wean, we separated the boys from the girls and found homes for 3 of them.

Unfortunately, Flutter, Mr. Squirmy and Snowflake herself have passed on to greener pastures. They hang out with Liberty and some of the other mousies, kitties, dogs and other animals we have loved.

Ok, I'm off to get cake. Have a great day everyone!! 

oh, and ice cream, too.

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Anonymous said...

I am a young girl that got my first ever mice and she was meant to be a he and very not pregnant when i bought him! as i didnt know anything about how to take care of and breed that many mice! i guess what im saying is when my Fletcher got fat and had his babies i was in and overwhelming state of fear! i want to thank you so much for the photos ensuring me that my Fletcher will feed and protect her babies! Honestly with the information about the wondering and the fact she may eat them honestly helped so much as i would have been distraught if i discovered that on my own! im sorry for the long message i just cant thank you enough for sharing this with us!

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