Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spa Day

As soon as they got home from school, Kat asked if she could fill up a bucket of water for her and Tori to soak their feet. It wasn't cold enough so they asked for ice.

To make it extra fancy, I added lemon oil and then later eucalyptus oil.

I asked them if they'd like some refreshing water and they both said, "YES!"

I then tried charging them $50.00 because it was so fancy but they said that instead of paying me, I could take their picture.

We shook on it and the deal was made.

Later, we poured the water into the rose bush. We live in Arizona and we always have to conserve water.

1 comment:

Fifty-two pairs in 2012 said...

Your girls are real hoots! It has to be a lot of fun having them around.

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