Thursday, July 03, 2014

URGENT request for Chutney!

This is a final and URGENT request for Chutney. She is a beautiful 4 year old Border Collie/Husky mix that was rescued two years ago from PACC.

Chutney is a fabulous dog! She is very loyal and very smart. She loves to cuddle, play ball, chase, ride in the car with her head sticking the window, and frolic around in mud puddles. She is very good on the leash and knows basic commands like sit, down, stand and shake. All she wants to do is please her family.

Chutney likes to stick her head out the window and feel the breeze in her fur and the bugs on her teeth.
I’ve been walking Chutney every morning for the past month. I know all of these things to be true. I pick her up every morning at the kennel and she’s so happy to see me! She actually has a smile on her face.
I get her in the car and I have to roll down the window so she can stick her head out and get a smell of the morning breeze. Once we turn the corner and head for the park, she paws at me until I give her my hand. She will very gently place her hand in mine and keep it there while we get to the park.
If Chutney doesn't have her head sticking out the window when we are driving, then she is holding my hand. Seriously, she paws at me until she gets my hand and then she just holds it there.

When we go to the dog park (we make sure it’s empty first), I start to take off her leash and say, “Ready, Set…” and I take the leash off her neck and say, “GO!” and she takes off running around the field like it’s Disneyland for dogs.

Disneyland for Dogs

I throw the ball for her and she likes to pretend she’s tired. I’ll start to walk out to get the ball and before I know it, she’s running past me and getting the ball before I can. Then she runs back towards me with the ball in her mouth and plops herself down in the mud puddle (if there is one) behind me. We play this game every morning.

She is so happy running around in the grass with a ball in her mouth.

Chutney also has some issues that even I have witnessed.

She has had 4 homes in the last two years. She has spent the last 4 months living in a boarding kennel. Chutney gets extremely protective of her special person and reacts negatively if not distracted.

She is also very dog selective and needs a home without any other dogs. TCWN is also requesting that she not go to a home with small children.

Chutney needs a home where her owner can be consistent in training her and help her overcome her resource guarding.

She has been to for training and has a collar that can be used to help distract her when she becomes fixated on guarding. is also offering training of the collar for the person that fosters or adopts Chutney.

Chutney has been to my home and tolerates one of my larger dogs. She does not like my other three so I cannot bring her to my home.

Chutney at the end. She's tolerating my larger heeler mix after I told her she had no choice. She decided later that she didn't like my chihuhua/jack russel mix. You can see I kept a leash on her to keep better control over her.

She does do well in a crate. I’ll tell her, “Go to your crate” and she’ll climb right in and get comfy.

She gets along great with everyone that I have introduced her to. My 10 year old daughter and 13 year old son come with me to the dog park and they play with her as well.

Chutney with my daughter, Kat.

Chutney with my parents.

Chutney with my son, Trent.

When I brought Chutney home, I had her on the bed with me. She did growl at my husband when he walked into the room but she quickly stopped when I told her, “NO!” in a stern tone.

TCWN has been rescuing dogs for 9 years. They have rescued 3,000 dogs and take on the ones with the medical issues and some of the serious behavioral concerns like Chutney. 

However, Chutney has become a case that is difficult to crack without someone dedicated to her. We need help.

Besides the thousands of dollars spent on training and boarding, living in a kennel is no life for a dog. Because of this, Chutney can only stay in boarding until the end of July.

This has been Chutney's home for the last 4 months.

Chutney deserves more than that. She needs to have her own home that can help her blossom into the dog that I, and everyone at TCWN, know she can become. 

Please share this post. Even if you think you can't do anything, you can help by just sharing. Someone out there needs her and she really needs someone out there. :) Thank you.

Chutney is in Tucson, AZ. You can contact TCWN at 520-235-6309.

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