Sunday, July 20, 2014

My heart was broken twice today. Seriously

and it was all before noon.

I was at PACC taking photos of Santa and adopted pups and cats for their Christmas in July event.

I was in between clients when I received an email from PACC. It seems my dear friend, Apache, has made it to the 72 hour list.

The vet thinks he was hit by a car before he was brought in. No one claimed him so the vet tried fixing his back leg and he wore a cast for quite a long time.

This beautiful 4 year old neutered heeler and chow mix is so housebroken that even with a broken leg, he would give a little bark to anyone walking by to let us know he had to go out and relieve himself.

Those kind of dogs are a rarity at PACC. He is special to everyone there. He is so gentle, calm and sweet and has eyes that just look right through you.

Unfortunately, his injuries haven't gotten better. I don't know all the exact terms but I do know it's a surgery that PACC is not equipped for.

So, he is now on a 72 hour hold and will be put to sleep if a rescue doesn't step forward and help him. His surgery will probably be in the range of several thousand dollars.

This was the first time my heart broke today.

After getting the email, I thought I would bring Apache out front to see Santa and get some fresh air. It's not any fun being stuck in sick bay with no people to look at or to give you attention either.

So, I got permission to bring him out front. I thought the exposure would be good for him and he'd like the attention from customers.

Kat got some towels for him to sit on and filled up a bowl with water.

We got him hooked up with Santa right away!

The very first family that came up said, "Oh, look at him! He's pretty! What's his name?"

I said, "It's Apache." He's a very good boy but he needs surgery for his back legs and hips."

"OH!", the woman exclaimed, "DON'T TOUCH HIM!!! THAT'S A $5,000 DOG!"

I couldn't believe it. I knew she thought she was being funny but I didn't think she was at all so I said, "Oh, actually, he would probably love a little pat on the head from you. It would be good for him."

Apache started to hobble over to the woman.

The woman actually took a step back, put her hand on her chest and said again, "Oh NO! I could never! That's a $5,000 dog and I won't even start to touch him!" and then she gathered the rest of her family around her and marched into the adoption area for I guess a "free and healthier dog".

On her way into the adoption area, I could still hear her telling strangers not to touch "that dog. That dog was for sure a $5,000 dog".

Apache just wanted a pet on his head and this woman, thinking she was funny, wouldn't touch him.

I looked down at Apache and he looked back up at me with those eyes and that is when my heart broke for the 2nd time today.

What do you think Apache wished for when he visited Santa? I know what he wished for. He wants to be whole again and have a family that loves him that he can love back.

Some days at PACC are just harder than others and today was again one of those hard ones. Even with all the happy families coming out with their new family members and posing for Santa, my heart was still heavy for Apache.

Thanks for reading and listening to me vent.


Ohhh Snap said...

That is heartbreaking, and I have to wonder about people (using the term loosely) like that. With all my might I am wishing for things to turn out well or him.

Anonymous said...

Story made me cry :(

Debbie Lamkin said...

What an ignorant woman!!!! This brought a tear to my eye.
I made a small donation (wish it could be more) & shared on Facebook.
If you ever need help with photos, I would love to donate my time ~ contact me at
You can visit my website at

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