Wednesday, October 09, 2013

It's like being at the deli, but it moves

Last weekend we hit the road and traveled to the other side of town to attend the Reptile Show.

I've never been to one so I was excited for our new adventure.

After we paid the entrance fee, we immediately hit the floor. Hundreds of small, colorful, plastic containers lined the aisles.

These containers were filled with tiny little snakes. At first I felt bad for them. They've been in this tiny container for two days. I was assured that the snakes were fine and that they use much less oxygen than we use.

Some of the snakes were PISSED. I watched one snake for a few minutes as he tried desperately to lift the top off. I don't remember what kind of snake he was but I remember he was venomous. I was hoping he wouldn't succeed in escaping.

After watching for awhile, we moved on and I took several pictures. The results are below:

If there was ever a snake that needed a bow on her head, it would be this beautiful princess. She was sooooo pretty. Maybe a rhinestone or two PLUS a bow.

I thought this one was pretty, too. Especially pretty that he sits on black beans. I saw other snakes on a bed of lentils. Yum! I love lentils.

I took a picture of this one just because I couldn't believe the price. Sheesh!

This guy's exhibit was pretty cool. The bugs were beautiful and I suddenly wondered why I didn't own any taxidermied insects. This is something I now want to have. I want the box above. The insects are all from Arizona. (Is "taxidermied" even a word? My spell check doesn't like it. I don't know how else to describe the insects)

I was shocked to know that Arizona has one of those crazy beetles like the one pictured in the middle. It's called Dynastes Granti. They live at around elevation 5000 feet and come out around monsoon season. This particular beetle was found outside a gas station.

That is my hand holding a Whip Tail Scorpion. I gave Erik the camera with a wide angle lens but he didn't capture my body attached to my arm. Erik probably knew, after years of training, not to capture my body on camera. 

You will just have to trust me that it's my hand. Sorry.

Ooooo, a scary rattle attached to something venomous.

This Cobra was far away behind a yellow caution sign, but you can tell he's pissed about something. But, he/she is sooo pretty!

I think this is a Nile Crocodile. Look at his eyes. Maybe that's why the Cobra was pissed. The crocodile and the snake were right across from each other giving each the evil eye.

 I don't remember what this is but I guess I was going for the really shallow depth of field look.

The claw of doom!

Later I petted these cute little guys. Hissing cockroaches.

That's it! Have a great day.

Oh, and NO, we didn't come home with anything.

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