Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Do you want to touch my hair?

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, then you know Kat's hair has ALWAYS been an issue.

 Kat at 26 months. This is pretty much how her hair looked 98% of the time.

March 2008. Still a stinkin' rat's nest.

June 2008. Wouldn't let me brush it but happily let me take a picture of her back.

April 2009. Still a fuckin' mess.

October 2009. She's the only kid in her class that is growing dreadlocks.

March 2010. Mess.

January 2011. Still a mess. Dance class did not entice her to brush her hair.

I used to lie to her just to brush her hair:

and when that didn't work. I just confessed to being jealous of other moms.

I think you get the point, right?

By June 2011, the situation had grown so serious that we had no choice but to take her to the salon for an emergency haircut. The only possible way it would happen was if I let her have pink streaks in her hair. 

I thought about it for 1.4 seconds and agreed.

Yes, you can have pink streaks if you let us cut your hair.

This was the result. The knot in the back of her hair was so bad, we had to do the super groovy cut I had once in my 20's.

Now, she takes care of her hair. She is absolutely obsessive about her hair. For Christmas last year she wanted a hair brush that she had seen on a TV commercial. 

Let me repeat that:

A hairbrush for Christmas.

I frequently hear: 

"Feel how soft my hair is!"

"Do you want to brush my hair?"

"Can you please put my hair in braids?"

"Do you wanna see a YouTube video of how to do this cool hair style?"

So all you moms out there that used to give me the dirty looks because I'd have a happy rat's nest skipping along side of me...I win.

While you spent hours brushing hair (I did, too, but not nearly as much as you) and fighting off slaps and drying tears, I knew one of these days she would start to brush her hair. 

And she did; it only took 8 years.

1 comment:

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I used to have that super groovy haircut too. I didn't mind getting my rat's nest pulled so I was much older than Kat when I learned to brush out my own hair.

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