Monday, October 28, 2013

Does this remind you of something?

I know it can't be just me.

I don't know why she was in such a bad mood. Maybe she was somehow intercepting Trent's brooding pre-teen feelings. He was camping this weekend and couldn't come to the pumpkin farm.

Oh, I know what it is!!

This picture reminds me of a Halloween several years ago....

Don't the two pictures look similar? It was from October 30, 2009. 

Maybe she's just not a Halloween girl? I don't know. I tried taking the matter into my own hands. 

I thought maybe if I was a zombie and tried eating her, it would make her feel a little more peppy. All I did was scare some little kid who tried coming to her rescue. You can see him entering the frame on the far left.

Maybe she was just in a bad mood.

She is excited about being Katniss for Halloween...

Really, she is. I guess you can't quite tell from the picture, but believe me she is.

Maybe she is just turning 10 and starting that brooding pre-teen crap. Yeah, I'm going with that. She's been a brooding pre-teen since October 30, 2009.

1 comment:

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Those photos made me laugh. Yeah, she's so not into that. Whatever that is. Katniss struck me as sort of a brooder too. Perhaps she's channeling her inner Katniss. Since October 30, 2009.

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