Monday, July 29, 2013

Trying to redeem myself for eating plates of hot wings and cheap wine from Hooters, or

the sandwich recipe I stole from a seafood restaurant I've never stepped foot in.

Several years ago my oldest daughter, Ashley, called me and asked me a question that would change the course of my life as I knew it:

"Mom, do you want the rest of my sandwich from Bluefin? It's disgusting."

I've never been to Bluefin and I've never had salmon on bread, but after she described the sandwich, I knew it had to be mine. Besides, it came with fries and I knew if I didn't like the sandwich, I could just eat those.

Soon, Ashley stopped by with a small aluminum container that held fish and fries.

"It's yours", she said as she plopped it in my hands. It was still warm. "It's disgusting. I hate it."

"Thank you" was all I could say as I watched her walk back to her car.

She left and I carefully tried to release the greasy chipboard top from the death grip hold of the sharp edges of the aluminum carry out container. By the way, why do they have to make those edges so damn sharp??

I took a bite and it was awesome!! I knew I had to make it for myself because God knows, we can't afford Bluefin or anything in that shopping center.

Here is the line up of ingredients. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone I stole it.

Salmon - grill it if you can. I only add salt and pepper.
Caramelized onions. Don't even think about using margarine. It's butter and olive oil. Period.
Pesto. I made my own when I wasn't busy ironing sheets or polishing shoes.
Swiss cheese.
Rye bread.

That's it. 

I used margarine on the rye bread (that's ok to do because it spreads easier) and threw them on the grill with the cheese.

I guess there was some confusion over who was supposed to be watching the grill. The bread burned a little bit. I thought Erik was going to watch the bread because I was busy inside talking to Casey, drinking wine and he was outside grilling the salmon.

I was wrong, though.


Now I know that he watches only what he puts on the grill and not what I decide to add later on.

Lesson learned.

After the bread and salmon were done, you just stack it up like it shows in the picture. Eat it and enjoy.

Oh, and isn't this funny? Just as I was typing this, Ashley called. I told her I was just writing a blog post about her and the Bluefin sandwich.

She said, "Oh, you mean that DISGUSTING sandwich with the salmon?"

Don't listen to Ashley. Listen to me and try Heather's Stolen Salmon sandwich. You will be glad you did.

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