Monday, July 15, 2013

School Days

Arizona summer sunset 
School is fast approaching. Soon we will have to start thinking about the dreaded science projects.

We didn't do a damn thing this summer and I have to admit it was kinda nice.

No vacations, no strict schedules of movies and worrying about which size popcorn box to get. The $7.00 size popcorn (I call it the"tub-o-fun" and the people behind the counter always know what I'm talking about) is always the best deal because you get a refill!!

But then you're stuck eating 12 pounds of popcorn and you ALWAYS feel obligated to get the free refill. You could be full, have heartburn and the front of your shirt is covered with grease because the napkins they give you suck and you end up wiping your hands on your shirt, but if you don't get that FREE REFILL, you're wasting money and the Financial Gods are frowning down on you.

I hate it when the Financial Gods are frowning down on me.

I can't tell you how many moms I've tried to pick up in the lobby of the movie theater to see if they wanted to share a "Tub-O-Fun" with us. I even bring extra brown paper bags for the other kids to make sharing easier.

I usually get dirty looks as the moms grab their kids and drag them off down the hall, away from me...

So the kids and I end up with the giant "Tub-O-Fun" and try to eat it by ourselves. Whatever we don't eat, we bring back with us thinking, "Oh, we'll eat it later" but everyone knows eating popcorn at home from the movie theater is gross because it gets cold and stale as soon as you exit the theater doors.

I don't know why that is.

I also don't know why I think $7.00 is still a good deal for popcorn when I can buy mountains of popcorn at the grocery store for $7.00.

Anyway, the point of this post is not about my anxiety over popcorn box sizes, it was to share the layout I made the other day.

Here is Ms. Kat wearing my elementary school shirt from when I was in 1st grade. I don't know how, but the shirt is in excellent condition with no stains or rips or even dry rot.  I added the doll pattern as the background (with gesso and gel) because it's the actual pattern that my grandmother used when making me doll clothes around the same time I wore the shirt.

Kinda cool, huh?

Again, another shining example of how I can't throw things away.

I also added some hand sewing, sequins (because everything is better with bling), rubons and scraps of patterned paper I had sitting around from the last layout I completed (because I can't throw things away).

Thanks for looking and thanks for your comments. :) Have a great day.

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