Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Can you believe this stupid weather?"

I was sitting at the bar with Erik when I received the phone call from my neighbor. She was pissed about the really angry "teaser clouds" that had appeared. I've started to call the build up of afternoon monsoon clouds, "teaser clouds" because that is all they do.


We thought for sure it was going to rain. It was going to hail. The temperature had dropped at least 10 degrees. There may even be some small tornado action.

but no.


See those clouds? How could they NOT turn into something crazy.

Even Zoe the dog was acting crazy.

I thought it was hilarious that she had called to complain about the weather. She had mentioned that all her other Tucson friends on Facebook were talking about the glorious rain they were receiving. She ranted for a minute or two and I laughed because it was so true. And so frustrating!

The other side of town always gets the good rain.

Erik and I had taken bets earlier about how it would turn out.

I said there would be nothing.
He said it would rain.

I won. I have simply accepted that God is a tease.

Instead of sitting around waiting for the rain, I suggested we just go to Happy Hour.

So, the dog pictures....

It was an overcast day and those are the best for taking pictures. Katrina wanted to pull out the bubbles for Zoe. Zoe goes crazy over bubbles.

Here's a little "behind the scenes" action before I cropped out the blower (the bubble blower). After 30 seconds, Kat got bored and I talked Erik into being the blower.

Ok, have a great Sunday everyone!!

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