Sunday, January 29, 2006

TV Terrorits

For Christmas, I bought my Father a TV B Gone. Due to his odd sense of humor, I knew it would be something he would abuse, I mean, enjoy.

My Uncle (his brother) was in town visiting just for the day. My Mother was having lunch to celebrate his visit. Once we arrived, we heard all about their adventures at Best Buy with his new toy. Neither my Father or Uncle could keep from giggling as they explained the adventures they had there:

People standing in front of large screen televisions, their eyes kind of glazed over, when all of a sudden the TV would go out. They'd look around like, "HEY! Who did that?" but then after a few seconds, they'd just move onto the next TV. As soon as they were zombies again, the TV would turn off once more.

We were planning on going to Best Buy after lunch. They wanted to go again. The kids were to stay with Grandma. This was serious business.

As soon as we entered Best Buy, my Father turned off the GIGANTIC television set that's at the front door. There were probably 8 people standing around it. All of them dispersed as soon as it turned off.

We turned off some more TV's but we were feeling a little nervous about the whole thing as my Dad and Uncle had just been there a couple hours before.

So, we left. Circuit City was just up the road. We stopped there. I became bored with my father's antics and decided to take the matter in my own hands. He handed over the remote.

My Father and Uncle were talking to an older couple who were looking at a TV. My father was explaining something about it when I pressed the button. The TV went off. As I was walking away, the older lady grabbed the remote control and tried to turn it back on. I walked around the corner, turned off some TV's, people groaned. The staff was running around trying to figure out what was going on. I walked past an employee with a remote in one hand and the other hand held the telephone up to his ear. He was pointing the remote to the TV and telling someone on the phone, "I don't understand what's going on..."

Soon, I became bored and decided to get a little riskier.

Oh, there's my Father and Uncle again, still with that older couple, and this time with a salesperson. They're looking at a different TV. I walk over and just as the salesperson is explaining something about the TV, I turn it off.

He turns it on.

I turn it off.

He turns it on.

I turn it off.

My father makes a comment about how the TV doesn't work very well.

The salesperson starts talking about the TV next to the one that won't stay on.

"This one has...." He says.

The TV goes off.

He turns it on.

I turn it off.

The couple decide they don't want either one of those TV's (since they won't stay on) and they go back to the first one they were looking at when they met my Father and Uncle. The salesmen goes with them and starts selling them on that TV.

I turn it off.

He turns it on.

I turn it off.

He turns it on. He asks, looking at my Father and Uncle, "Why is it that everytime you walk by a TV, it turns off?"

I ask, "You guys about ready to go?"

We left.

On the way home, we stopped at Sears and turned off all their TV's, too.

Yeah, it was good day.

Next week is Superbowl Sunday. We're talking about going to a sports bar and testing it out there.


sharonc said...

ROFLMAO! I have one word for you....EVIL!! I love it! Thanks for the funny story.

EC said...

oh heather you are a riot!
i just fwded that to adam to read....i'm pretty sure we need one of those things. =)

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